Rethinking Paradigms

The Most Dangerous Superstition

from Militant Reviews

a book by Larken Rose

This book is a culmination of Larken Rose’s work so far.  While The Iron WebHow To Be a Successful Tyrant, etc. are great books in their own right and well worth reading, The Most Dangerous Superstition is likely the best dismantling of the “government” and “leadership” – paradigms that nearly all humans blindly believe – that I’ve ever read.

In fact, just reading the first chapter of this book should enlighten those who are on the cusp of understanding what life without government may be like (i.e. most libertarians).  Sadly, most are not anywhere near there and have a firm belief that we “need” someone to be “in charge”.

So long as humans continue to believe that government is the only answer and is even a requirement for ordered existence, then violence, oppression, injustice, genocide and so forth will continue to exist and be wrongly blamed on everything but this superstition.

Larken has written something that is beyond any other book on the subject of governance (or non-governing) that I’ve ever read.

If you want to enlighten yourself and others as to the core problem to nearly every human malady that happens on a large scale, then you need to read The Most Dangerous Superstition.  Then do like I did and give it to a friend, get another copy to donate to your local library, and give more to others.  At only $10 a copy (as of this writing), it’s not like you’ll break the bank.

Highly, highly recommended.  Read this book! Get it direct from the author here.


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Ned Netterville

“The Most Dangerous Superstition is likely the best dismantling of the “government” and “leadership” – paradigms that nearly all humans blindly believe – that I’ve ever read.”

I heartily concur! This is a relentless, logical indictment of the insane superstition that there is such a thing called “authority” (aka the State, legitimate government, rulers, etc.) among human beings. Larken Rose starkly illuminates all of the evil caused by that one demented belief by most people, which trumps their purported belief in God or atheism. Government is the superhuman god of all statists and their religion is Statolatry, and Rose pulls no punches in pointing this out. Read it and weep over your past culpability while rejoicing in your new-found freedom.

I have only one criticism of THE MOST DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION. While Rose clearly does not advocate violence, he allows that violence in some circumstances might be the only recourse to defend oneself or others from violent aggression perpetrated by the agents of authority. While I certainly cannot call resort to violence in self-defense illegitimate, I can assert with confidence born of both logical deduction and experience that violence is always counterproductive of its intended purpose. As a means of thwarting even violent tyranny and oppression, adamant nonviolence is clearly the most efficacious. For historical evidence backing this assertion I recommend a small book entitled, NONOVIOLENCE: 25 Lessons from the History of a Dangerous Idea, by Mark Kurlansky.

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