Fighting Back

Is That A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

by Silver Shield,

Or just a China physical bullion train coming down the tracks?

The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange is open for business and this is the first time that Asia can take physical delivery of gold in Asia and outside the hands of the Anglo American empire. No longer does Asia have to play by our bankster’s rules and paper games. No longer does Asia have to wonder if there is real physical metal backing up their paper claims. No longer will the CRIMEX raise margins without mercy since there is now another and hopefully more competitive market for traders to trade in. The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange is open from 8 am to 11pm in local Hong Kong time, which is 8pm to 11 am EST.

China has stated that it is on a mission to have 10,000 tons of gold, that is more than Ft Knox.(Assuming you believe that unaudited fairy tale.) This new market is unique in that it only trades dollars for gold. This is great for the Chinese market that has trillions of dollar assets. The bigger picture is that all of Asia is awash in dollars and this new market is a great way for them to get out of those dollars.

This new market will soon have Yuan based contracts and contracts for other commodities. This is a small opening but is one that we all should watch. They will trade silver contracts and grains, but the ultimate coup de grâce would be if they open up a oil market for Asia. This seismic and seminal shift from Western powers to Eastern powers is one that is 500 years in the making. This is also an important move for China to become an international world power as it needs to develop its markets and broaden the reach of its currency. This new demand for commodities is also a direct attack on the world’s reserve currency of the dollar. If Asia can dump enough dollars into REAL assets they can shift REAL power to the East for the next century. The only thing that will stop this wealth and power transfer is another concocted World War. This is a very real possibility as I have theorized that China will be the new Osama bin Laden back on January 1st.

One important thing we all should know is that China executes corrupt people in power. China executes securities trader. China executes head of China’s FDA. China executes CEO. This is the kind of stuff that gives investors confidence and hold psychopathic Elite in check. Our Western Governments only attack low level thugs like Raj while turning a blind eye to the massive fraud that is systemic in our markets. This blind eye is there because the Elite benefit off of this system that enslaves us with debt. This fraud will not last much longer, the world is waking up to their tricks.

The mathematically inevitable, world-wide collapse of the dollar is being fought on two fronts. The first front is the Aware investors that see the big scam of the dollar and its inevitable demise. We seek to dump all of our paper assets and buy REAL tangible assets like silver. We understand that there are very few seats in the life boats an sleep well at night knowing that we secured our families future by getting into our REAL asset life boat early. The Elite can and will continue to pull tricks out of their books to control the paper price of silver, like we have seen the past weeks. Like all frauds, I can assure you that they are fighting a losing battle. With each physical purchase of silver and each rise of physical premiums and each delayed delivery date, the day of reckoning comes to the rigged paper markets.

The other front is fought by countries that have been used and abused by the Anglo American empire. Countries like China, Russia, Germany, Iran, India, South Africa and many more are understanding that in order to beat the Anglo American Empire, they do not need to get into another stupid arms race or war, they simply need to get out of the dollar. If China dumped even a 1/4 of their dollars on the commodities markets they would do more damage to the America empire than and all out war. I believe that China will continue to play this game of a thousand cuts until the war is won without a single bullet being fired.