USA: Police State

Seattle cop free to continue beating the “fucking Mexican piss” out of people

from CopBlock

Last year, Shandy Cobane, a racist thug employed by the Seattle Police Department, assaulted Martin Monetti, Jr. while he was lying on the ground compliantly. “I’m going to beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you, homey. Feel me?” Cobane taunted. Then he and a fellow officer, Mary Woollum, began stomping on Monnetti’s head and arm. Several other officers were present, but none intervened. The stomps left visible marks on Monetti’s forehead.

Shortly after the unprovoked attack on Monetti, the police realized he wasn’t the person they were looking for and allowed him to leave.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Cobane will not lose his job over the incident. Instead he is simply being given a 30 day suspension without pay. No criminal charges will be filed against him.

Cobane insists that he’s learned his lesson and the Seattle Police Department says it will will not tolerate incidents like this in the future, but there is no reason to believe them. The whole message of this affair is that if you’re a cop, you don’t have to worry if you act like a violent, bigoted thug because even if there’s indisputable evidence of your crimes, nothing bad will happen to you. Police brutality cases like this one will not stop until police are held to the same standards as everyone else.