Salt Lake County Mayor Admits To CAFR Fund Wealth

Posted: May 31st, 2011 by FreeWestRadio

by Clint Richardson

I’d like to dedicate this to two of the bravest, most honorable men in the world: Walter Burien (, and Gerald Klatt (

Rest in peace – and thank you doesn’t even come close – Lieutenant Colonel Klatt…


The following is an interview on Utah’s local K-Talk AM630 radio station with myself, Dale Williams of, and the Mayor of Salt Lake County, Peter Corroon.


Hear the 25 minute interview only here:

Download here:


Or listen to the full 90 minute radio show here:

Download here:


In this rare historical confession, the Salt Lake County Mayor not only reveals his complete knowledge of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of his county, local, and state government, but tells us that indeed his new “Unified Police District” is a private corporation, and that the elected Sheriff was appointed as the CEO of that private corporate police force after dissolving the Sheriff’s Department, leaving no lawful protection of the people, and creating a gangland style police-state in the “unified” Utah and Salt Lake County.

This completely verifies my previous article, “The Sheriff Who Sold his County”, located here:


Please download, re-post, and forward this interview and article freely, with no copyright or other restrictions.

And be vigilant for this in your own Sheriff’s Department, before you loose yours as well.


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