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Pat Tillman – Hero or Willing Dupe?

Militant Note: I basically agree with Makow’s assessment of the movie.  It answers nothing, but instead just leaves more questions.

Pat Tillman died as he lived, trying to be a hero.

If only he had recognized that America’s real enemy is within the gates.

by Henry Makow, PhD

According to a new documentary filmThe Tillman Story, Cpl. Pat Tillman was killed by soldiers he was trying to relieve.

This is symbolic of America’s war against itself.

Tillman’s platoon was traveling through a canyon in Afghanistan when a Humvee broke down. Tillman and half the platoon were ordered to continue ahead while the remainder fixed the vehicle.

Tillman’s unit had exited the canyon when they heard firing and explosions coming from behind. Tillman and members of his team raced up a hill to assist his platoon mates when they were pinned down by fire from these same soldiers.

Cpl. Tillman released a smoke grenade so his platoon mates would recognize him; and yelled “I’m Pat F**king Tillman, why are you firing?” all to no avail. His head was blown off by a M-249 light machine gun.

“I remember the sound of a drinking fountain,” Private Bryan O’Neal who was next to Tillman recalled.

“And I look over at my side and I see this blood pouring down this rock that I’m sitting by. His head was gone. Completely gone. And I take my helmet off and I throw it against the ground and then I kind of black out.”

It appears that the platoon in the rear had not been attacked but were mimicking a firefight for the prestige and fun. They took no casualties and there were no bullet holes in their vehicles. They were raking the hillsides with bullets.

This does not explain why they killed Tillman or whether it was deliberate. The documentary is inconclusive on this point as was the army investigation. It does not mention the possibility they were high on drugs or that the killing was a fragging.

His platoon-mates burned his clothing and body armor to obscure the circumstances of his death. They also burned his diary. They were kicked out of the Rangers but there is little testimony from them, or the platoon commander.


The film focuses on how the army handled the PR disaster. Pat Tillman was a square-jawed all-American football player who turned down a $3.6 million NFL contract to defend his country after it was “attacked” on 9-11.

When he enlisted, he was flagged by Donald Rumsfeld for his propaganda potential. Now he was dead by “fratricide.”

The army made up a story that Tillman died fighting the Taliban and gave him a Silver Star, one of its highest honors. This was the substance of the funeral eulogy but his family didn’t buy it. They did some digging and the truth, or at least what we know, came out.

The army knew the truth right away. The decision to spin it and deceive the family was made at the highest levels. But despite a limp-dick Congressional Hearing, Rumsfeld and the generals responsible never owned up. They tried to fob it off on a three-star general who had retired.

Tillman’s brother Kevin Tillman testified that: “The deception surrounding this case was an insult to the family: but more importantly, its primary purpose was to deceive a whole nation. We say these things with disappointment and sadness for our country. Once again, we have been used as props in a Pentagon public relations exercise.”

This is the real lesson of Pat Tillman’s death. As Henry Kissinger, CEO of the NWO said, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” (Quoted in Woodward & Bernstein’s The Final Days)


Pat Tillman sacrificed his life for a country that has been subverted by an international financial cartel which holds trillions of its “debt.” (Currency is created out of nothing as a debt to this banking cartel.)

This cartel is intent on folding the US into a veiled world government tyranny to ensure that this made-up debt is paid.

This cartel controls the mass media, corporations, politicians, professors and generals. Wars are a profitable way of distracting the public from the real enemy within and increasing the debt.

Pat Tillman was an idealist and a patriot. This is how they manipulate us. He should have known better. He fought in Iraq and didn’t like what he saw.

Even though he had a chance for an honorable discharge while on leave, he deployed to Afghanistan. He should have known that 9-11 was an inside job, that the WTC was demolished. He should have known that these “missions” are “invasions” and part of endless war.

So the question arises, was he a hero or a willing dupe?


How long will American soldiers remain dupes or mercenaries for evil?