When All Else Fails

The 2011 Bilderberg Interpol Roster

by Professor X, DTO.me

With the 2011 Bilderberg meeting kicking off on Thursday in St. Moritz Switzerland,one man has opened his mouth about having such people in his country. Historically,Switzerland has long been used for it’s banks of stealth by the globalists,but,the Swiss people in general are very anti-New World Order. Dominique Baettig,who represents the Canton of Jura on the National Council of Switzerland (the equivelant to a U.S. Congressman),has written a letter to his Federal authorities,asking them to check for international warrants on Bilderberg participants,once they step foot in the country. The people he would really like to see arrested,such as George W. Bush will most likely not be there. However,regular attendees such as Henry Kissinger are high on Baettig’s warrant list. Will the Swiss Feds do anything about it? Probably not. But,it does shed a light on the pass that these elitists get in almost all things,especially since Baettig is no fringe character,but a well respected member of Swiss government. Would’nt it be nice if the U.S. had politicians with such brazen cahones? Unfortunately,we can count ours on one hand. Here is a copy of Baettig’s letter….(translated,I believe)