Militant Rants

The Wolf and the House Dog

by MasterPrepper

A wolf who lived in the forest fell on hard times and was barely subsisting at starvation level.  She had gotten to the point that her ribs were showing, her fur was mangy, and she couldn’t sleep at night for the hunger pangs.

One day while out hunting, hardly able to keep walking, she happened upon a plump, happy dog from the village.  Amazed at his health and fat, she couldn’t keep herself from asking him how he kept so well-fed in these lean times.

“Game is so scarce,” she exclaimed.  “How do you keep so well fed, friend?”

“I never have to hunt for game,” said the dog.  “My master feeds me meat from his own plate and the cook gives me scraps from the kitchen every day. All I have to do is bark when a stranger comes near and keep watch over the house at night.”

The wolf was amazed at this apparent easy life.  “If I found someone to take me in, would I be treated the same way?”

“Of course,” replied the dog.  “Come with me, I’ll find you a place.”

Excited, the wolf trotted along next to the dog with renewed energy, looking forward to a warm fire and nice meal.  Then, leaving the trees, the sun shined down on the couple and the wolf noticed a flashing piece of metal on the dog’s neck.

“Say,” she remarked, “what is that on your neck?”

“Oh, that’s nothing,” said the dog.  “Just a collar and ring so they can attach the chain.”


“Sure,” said the dog.  “They chain me in the yard at night so I can keep watch without running away.”

The wolf began to back away.

“Hey, aren’t you coming?”

“Certainly not,” said the wolf. “Go back to your master if you will, but I’d rather starve in the woods than eat one meal with a chain fastened to my neck!”

Moral: Lean freedom is much better than fat slavery.