Liberty Commentary

What to Tell a Statist Who Questions Anarchy: An Exchange

by Jesse Mathewson, ZeroGov

The following is in response to a recent article I published on, linked here This was an exchange between the two of us and as a result only my name will be released. Kent M speaks further to this on his blog this morning:

My friend writes –

1. The only thing that some people understand is violence. No one wants to hear that but it is true. Some people you can talk to and communicate with until you are blue in the face and they will never change just continue on their path. So violence has to be used to respond to them.
2. Complete liberty is nothing more than complete license. Freedom is the ability to live as one chooses regardless of consequence. I see liberty as freedom tempered by “reasonable” law. We both know that laws at City, County, State and Federal level are overly exceeding so let us not argue that point.
3. Here is my problem with the no government theory. That is, there is nothing that will stop another group from exerting their supposed authority over another. You can say that the human race is more civilized but that is just not true. While it is true that government fixes nothing it is also true that a limited government is the glue for society on any scale, from the family up to National level. There has to be something in place to bring people under a like frame of mind especially when it comes to unalienable rights and commerce.
4. I like number 4 a lot!
To be quite honest, the ideal as it is laid out is utopian in nature and discounts the base instinct of the human race. That is the drive for power, wealth and survival.

My first response –

I can argue all points offered, however, what it really comes down to is- do I have the courage to support the ideal, do I have the courage to stand up and not murder hundreds of thousands for political, religious or monetary reasons-only using force in well trained self-defense, and lastly do I have the courage to live without god or master or must I believe in whatever mythology pops up versus facts?

His next response-

While there is a lot to be said of personal liberty and you know I am a big fan of it, larger societies need to have a common framework in order to work. I love your ideal if you eliminate 75% of the population but, alas, they exist and we must contend that not everyone will be pleased with the amount of freedom they possess. (Insert friendly platitudes as we are friends)

My last response –

Here is the problem I see with any “voting” approach, 51% of the population (voters) decides what is best for the 49% that lose…no offense but if voting actually worked in any real way to better people’s lives it would be illegal, and if government was really interested in preserving “order” they wouldn’t outlaw personal “vice for some” related things…they would instead attempt to treat addictions, punish real crime and stop making laws for everything from what sexual position is right to how or where we can have a BEER!

I have just had absolutely no positive or substantiated argument supporting the desire to keep maintaining a system that encourages murder, abhors freedom and promotes government theft- maybe it is time to remember that it has always been individuals that have advanced society- and NEVER government.

You see, I work in the system here in the United States, I see in depth the problems that are initiated by our government supposedly for our protection. You have been overseas and have witnessed the problems OUR nation has caused overseas.  And to even think that we cannot blame ALL current Middle Eastern problems on this nation and Great Britain is ignorance of history, we have caused these problems. Good lord, you would be hard pressed to find anyone educated in history in any formative way that could deny that; of course, this does not count the idiots that are claiming 6 million Jews were never killed either…

I can name hundreds of thousands of society advancing, people benefiting tools, programs, and more that individuals have come up with- and I can name thousands of them that were taken by government and subverted, perverted and made into negative things.

So here is my challenge, I will phrase it as such because I expect snide responses from many.

Name ONE, just ONE, invention or society ADVANCING tool that was invented by government, name one government that has benefited mankind in any formative manner for longer than four years and or name one government approach that actually works.