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New LulzSec evidence: member Nakomis is allegedly military counter-intelligence

by M. Ruppert, EndTheLie

In a release posted on PasteBin today, new information has come to light about a particular member of the shadowy group known as LulzSecurity which I have been covering in detail as of late.

After the first “just for kicks” hack of the website, I hypothesized that the group could be a government red team. This was reinforced by their DDoS attack on the CIA as well as their release of over 62,000 e-mails and passwords of random everyday people.

This combined with the information contained in the PasteBin, if it is indeed true, make for a pretty damning case. Unfortunately there is not enough proof provided in the PasteBin for me to conclusively say that this is a government red team or that this individual with the handle Nakomis is indeed military counter-intelligence.

They claim, “Sources say Nakomis served quite recently in the United States marines doing government intelligence. Possible network security work or programming that supported their mission.” While this would be incredibly important if true, there just isn’t the evidence there to say it is. There might be some individuals within the alternative news community who might run with it as if it is fact, but I am not one to commit myself to something without evidence.

The following is the contents of the PasteBin but please, take this with a grain of salt. Until we have more information, I am only willing to say that indeed my hypothesis still stands and if this is true, it would lend a great deal of support to it. However, until such a time in which we can conclusively say this is true, I will only say that it is possible they are a red team/red cell operation based upon the evidence available and logical, rational analysis. I have edited it to make the links clickable as well as inlining the image.

Update: one of our wonderful readers sent me a link to this Reddit comment in which a user pointed out that “Nakomis” is an anagram of “Ok I’m NSA.” Pure coincidence? Probably, but it is entertaining and interesting nonetheless.

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