Fighting Back

Rev Disrupts The Police Checkpoint

I assumed responsibility, and informed the Unconstitutional police officers of my town that there was at least one citizen that knew his rights.

Transcript Below;
Pig- “Sir, May I see Your ID”
Rev- “whats That?”
Pig- “May I see your I.D”
Rev- “Why do you .need to see my I.D”
Pig- “Because You’re making unreasonable noise in the park”
Rev- “Its not louder than that truck”
Pig- “OK Well, That’s a motor vehicle”
Rev- ” I also have, I have the right…”
Pig- [Interrupts] “OK That’s fine, can I see your I.D?”
Rev- “You are violating my rights”
Pig- “Can I see your ID?”
Rev- “No You CANNOT!”
Pig- “I’m asking Can I see your ID, Otherwise you are going to be arrested for Obstruction”
Pig- “Those are your choices”
Rev- “I do not have my ID
Pig- “You don’t have any ID?”
Pig- “What is your name and date of birth?”
Rev- “I’m a Constitutional Scholar”
Pig- “What is your name and date of birth?”
Pig- “I’m not asking you what you are I’m asking for your information”
Rev- “I have the right to be secure in my property”
Pig- “You do not have the right to have that, I’m asking you for it right now”
Rev- ” I don’t have that right?”
Pig- “OK, Last choice, give it to me, give me your information, otherwise your going to be arrested for obstruction.
Rev- “Obstruction of what?”
Pig- “Justice!”
Rev- “Justice?”
Pig- “I’m asking you for your information, because your making unreasonable noise on a PA system”
Rev- “I’ll turn it off”
Pig- “I’m not seeing you out in the park with a PA system, I’m talking like a civil adult. Can I see your ID and have your name and information?
Rev- “I’m going to exercise my 5th amendment right, and my 4th amendment right”
Pig- “I’m not searching and seizing you”
Rev- “Your searching for my papers”
Pig- “I’m not, I’m asking for your information, That’s where we’re at right now, OK?”
Rev- “I have a right to be secure in my information”
Pig- “No you’re not….when a police officer ask for your information, you have the right to give the information to the officer, otherwise you can be arrested for obstruction, OK?” I’m not going to sit here and dispute it,
Rev- “What charge are you…..
Pig- “Obviously, Obstructing governmental administration, How many times do I need to explain this to you? OK I tell you the same thing over and over and over, How about you show me some information so I know who I’m dealing with, Obviously you know I’m a police officer, I want to know who you are, OK I have to do an incident report because I stopped and talked…..
Pig- “OK”
Rev- “And as a citizen I will act upon my rights to leave”
Pig- “OK I need to know who you are so I can do an incident report to say that I talked to you at this date and time at this location, So you don’t understand what I need”
Rev- “So If I give you my name, I can exercise my right to leave?
Pig- “YAH! I want to know who you are……so I can identify you”
Rev- “You understand that I’m just trying to inform the citizens of their rights?”
Pig- “How are we illegally searching someone”
Rev- “Are you guys asking people for their identification at all?”
Pig- “Not until we pull them over”

Clearly the guy is breaking the law. You can hear the rest. If there are any constitution lawyers out there willing to work pro-bono, please contact me.

PS- This was my first cop confrontation, I’ll do better next time. Also….the camera adds 20lbs. In the words of the wise Rage against the Machine,….. Fuk Da Police.