Militant Rants

The Survivalist Mentality and Why Most Get It Wrong

by MasterPrepper, Truth2America

The following is from issue #100 of The Truth 2 America Manifesto.

Most “survivalists” have one major flaw: they think too much in terms of military and not enough in terms of actual survival. Yes, the New World after the coming collapse is going to need its soldiers, but far too many survivalists seem to believe that this is all that’s going to be needed.

Reality check: if you’re over 40, even if in good shape, your career as a footsoldier defending the homeland is, well, going to be short lived.

Reality check: if you have a lot of weapons, a lot of ammunition, and a lot of outdoor gear but little in the way of survival basics (food, water, etc.) to last more than a year.. you aren’t prepared, you’re just armed.

Reality check: what if the collapse isn’t total and there are still police, fire, and military acting on the government’s behalf? If you can’t carry your rifle with impunity, wear your body armor, or even camo gear.. will you still be prepared?

Most survivalists have this military preparedness mindset and are getting ready for war, not for survival. There’s a big difference between the two. It’s literally what sets preppers apart from survivalists.

Preppers are getting prepared to get through the collapse with family intact – wife, children, the whole lot. They’re getting ready to defend themselves, sure, but most of their defense preparations are in avoidance of conflict, not confrontation. Like it or not, most of what’s left of society after the excrement has been spread by the ventilator will be preppers, not survivalists. I suspect that many survivalists will live a short, action-packed life once it’s all said and done.

What all of this means is that if you’re planning to and preparing to become Rambo after law and order have gone the way of the Dodo, you are much more likely to find yourself dead than if you are taking the road that prepares you and your family, but keeps a semblance of society intact within your household or neighborhood. Defense is about more than guns and ammo and preparedness is about much more than food and shelter.

A balanced, realistic, thoughtful approach to survival after collapse is the method that is most likely to succeed in any given scenario because it isn’t specialized to only one outcome or one form of upheaval.

People are people and while a lot of bad apples are going to emerge from the rubble, most will remain honest, decent folk and anyone who expects long term survival of the human race has to believe that or there is really no point in attempting to survive at all.