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5 Reasons the War On Cancer Has Failed

by Aaron Turpen, HealthFreedomNetwork

The War on Cancer is largely a failure, despite billions of dollars being spent every year and a continually-growing number of cancer patients getting diagnosed.  To date, the greatest advances in cancer treatment have all lead to only two things: more cancer diagnosis and slightly longer lifespans after diagnosis.

For the most part, other than more people being found to have cancer and those who are treated for it living slightly longer (often in pain), the War on Cancer has been about as effective as the War on Terror.. it’s spent a lot of money and come up with little to show for it that would be considered progress.

In fact, odds are that you’re going to get cancer by the age of 74 – higher than they are that you’ll have heart disease, even.

Here are five reasons the War on Cancer has failed:

  1. Most cancers have no accepted, known cause. Nearly all cancers are likely caused by environmental toxins and manifest as complications, but mainstream science rarely accepts this as the overriding cause of cancer.  This is largely due to the way that clinical trials are conducted – these trials cannot account for more than one issue, cause, or concern due to the very methods used.  So saying that a “combination of toxins” caused the cancer is generally not possible.
  2. Most cancer treatments attack the whole body – all cells – rather than specifically targeting the cancer. Chemotherapy is a good example of this. It’s a general killer, destroying just about everything in its path. Doctors just hope that it destroys more cancer than non-cancer. It’s like dumping bleach on red cloth and hoping it “only takes the stain out.”
  3. Fads in research and reporting often become misleading or, worse, urban legends in cancer’s causes. Remember ten years ago when it was “proven” that cancer is almost always genetically derived? A few cancers are genetic in nature, but by and large, we know that most are not. Some are caused by viruses, but only a handful.  Yet many people were mislead by these stories and the myth of cancer being a genetic concern – so if your mom had it, you might too – still prevails. Even insurance forms and doctor’s offices ask about “cancer history” in your family tree.
  4. Animal-based tests for cancer are often inadequate and, worse, wasteful of animal life.It’s hard to argue that animal testing is not beneficial in some cases, but it’s become so common that just about everything is tested on lab animals now.  Cancer is one of them. Science has, interestingly, not figured out most of the root causes of cancer (see #1), but nonetheless has become very proficient at giving it to lab animals for testing. Seem like a Catch-22 to you?  You’re not alone.  This one factoid has often fueled the “conspiracy theory” that cancer is man-made, but scientists and doctors don’t want to admit it.  Beyond that, though, animal testing of new treatments and possible cures often fails for the same reason outlined in #1.
  5. Cancer drugs, treatments, etc. almost never work beyond either prolonging life for a few extra months (which doctors considered a “success”) or by doing more of #2 – attacking everything indiscriminately. Often these treatments and drugs do both. Like most things in mainstream medicine, much of the treatment is aimed at the symptoms, not the root cause.

So what is the root cause of cancer?  Nearly all of those who aren’t part of the War on Cancer’s trillions of dollar payouts agree: it’s toxic overload.  Hundreds of successful treatments, derided or ignored by mainstream medicine, have proven that the same core approach nearly always works: attack the toxic overload and the cancer goes away.

Every successful cancer therapy has this as its basic premise.  From colon and liver cleanses to heavy metal chelation, the ultimate goal is to rid the body of as many toxins as possible.  Once that is done, nearly all forms of cancer are removed from the body naturally, by the body itself.

This is likely because, in theory at least, cancer is caused by an overactive and overtaxed immune system coupled with cells laden with toxins that become confused about their role in the body.

A recent study that surveyed mummies from ancient times found that cancer was almost unheard of then.  What is different between the people of a thousand (or a few thousand) years ago and the people of today? Anatomically, we are identical.  Our DNA profiles are almost 100% the same.  So what was different?

Right.  Lifestyle.  Including exposure to toxins via diet, industry, chemicals, and other aspects of our lives that didn’t exist then.  Rid the body of those toxins and you rid it of cancer.

I didn’t need a multi-million dollar research grant to figure that out.  Neither should you.


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Most cancers are genetic. Even lung cancer which is clearly caused by smoking is genetic. How can that be you ask? Simple, they have found that some people are genetically prediosposed to get lung cancer and if they smoke their genes are triggered. Ask yourself why all smokers don’t get lung cancer. Most of the rest of cancers are simply a result of old age. When average life spans was 50-60 years most people died before they got cancer. With improved health care we live longer and are more likely to acquire some form of cancer.


I can’t tell if the link you posted was intended to refute my comments or support them. I can only add that most special interest groups have taken advantage of the lack of good information and general confusion about cancer to hype their own particular agenda. For example there is no case where a person subject to second hand smoke got cancer from that exposure. It is on the list because there are groups who want to hype that issue. This same reason applies to other items on the list. In California at every gas pump you can read the warning that exposure to gasoline will cause cancer. Really!!! If that were true we would ALL have cancer. It is dificult to cut through the hype but it is better then being tricked by everyone with an agenda.

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