Mili Meme

Obama: Myth or Fabrication?

by Zen Gardner, BIN

Here’s a telling picture of what seemingly rules the western world. Around this table are the installed “advisors” to Barak Obama’s administration and his staged (truly) inept role in it.

That Obama’s a cardboard cutout is a given. He’s been prepped, pumped, primed, pimped and positioned. We can all see that. He reads his teleprompter like “yada yada yada” and the programmed populace swoons. Yawn. Another round of golf please…while we bomb, rape, pillage, dismember and suck the financial guts out of the world.

Oh well, another day at work…I’m just following orders anyway.

As unreal as this sick drama appears, it’s happening in the face of the world. How he keeps it up and the world watches is a wonder, but somehow it goes on. I guess like that sick elitist Kissinger has famously said, “Power is the ultimate¬†aphrodisiac.”

Obama’s a new, animatronic breed…

This guy is all new. The others were puppets, but he’s a brazen next generation x-bot..shoved in our faces.

He’s first of all built with a fully guaranteed, unvarnished globalist mindset. This thing is global, people, and they want us to know it. ‘In your face’ has never been so in vogue.

His snotty behavior tells us he apparently knows they’ve trotted him out and he’s effectively doing job #1.. to attract mindless adulation from sycophants worldwide. Hence the international tours and the Beatles-like frenzy in the US. All orchestrated. We’ll see more of this very soon if they bother to keep the charade up and don’t change horses. (Believe me, there’s always more horses where he came from…have been for millenia.)

But Is All This Getting to Him?

First of all, is there a “him”? Assuming there is, and this gym-rat doper can come out of his playground mentality, maybe there’s a chance.

But I don’t think so. Way too programmed. And he’s loving it.

And between the advances in mind control technologies and the overall fascist takeover of planet earth, there’s not a lot of leg room. Look for more of the same in other parts of the world, sorry to say.

Obama the Man

We don’t know much about Barak–deliberately. It should be a “feel good story for every boy and girl” but it’s not. It’s riddled in fundamental information holes, bloated propaganda and heavy duty inconsistencies. Yet the MSM trump up this cardboard cut out day by day knowing they have nothing to work with. It’s quite a sight to behold.

When you think about it, what better billboard to prop up than one that has no background story, no substance, no history. Orwellian is an understatement. And it suits today’s programmed world perfectly. Less is more.

Obama is a vacuum, a myth of your own making, a prop, an excuse.

But you decide. I’m just poking around. But the truth has a scent, doesn’t it? And you’re obviously smelling it too.