Militant Rants

No One Is Safe!

No One Is Safe! Murderous flash mobs…and murderous knock-out game…anyone, anywhere, anytime!

The knock-out game:

Fifteen Examples:

Best Buy continues to commit suicide:

Hard Assets…in your physical control…

Terry Coxon on hard assets as well…

Gerald Celente:

Fleeing Nazi California:

America’s Global Murderfest…ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME…hmmm, sounds like the knock-out game!

America’s Global Gulags…ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME…onward christian soldiers raping, pillaging, and murdering across
the planet…in Jesus Christ’s name we pull the triggers, drop the bombs, shoot the missiles, and burn the babies!

Just one more of Jesus’s little lambs murdered by the American Global Murderfest:

Fred Reed from four years ago…still the same today for sure!