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Casey Anthony – Today’s Mob Mentality – Nation’s Identified Patient

by Freedom Lady, OctogenariansBlog

Yesterday, July 7th, the day the judge announced the sentencing of Casey Anthony plus her release date from jail in a week, lightning struck a tree on the spot in the swamp in Florida, where the skeleton remains of her daughter were found. Is that some kind of ominous sign? If so, what?

News of the trial and the verdict has captured the attention of this nation and has dominated the news for days. Now the news is all about the country’s reaction to her being released from jail shortly, a free woman. The reaction to this news has reached mob-mentality in some areas. Particularly in Florida. There is so much anger and hatred, openly displayed, one restaurant in Florida hung out a sign stating, “Jurors not welcome here.”

It’s as if Pandora’s box has been opened on the pent up emotions in the Citizenry of this Nation and the trial, the verdict, and release of Casey Anthony opened a valve, releasing strong emotions in the throngs gathering in protest. Some gathering quietly, crying and mourning over the death of little Caylee. Some seeking an opportunity to be on TV news, and some groups who appear to be on the verge of mob-type reaction. A great deal of hype is in the news, suggesting Casey Anthony needs protection from bodily harm when she is released. There is bloodthirsty outrage.

Some are wondering why she is so news-worthy, noting she was not a celebrity before her trial. I maintain she was a created celebrity the three years leading up to the trial. And once in televised court she is viewed as a celebrity. Around-the-clock news focused on her, everything from the way she was dressed, her hairdo, her demeaner and reactions to everything during the trial. If she blinked watching a witness on the stand, it was reported as news. Consequently, in my opinion she was a news-created celebrity. For what? Because she was accused of murdering her own child, and spent 31 days before she even mentioned she was missing.

The big news was, she never reported the child missing. Her mother, Cindy Anthony, made the call to 911 and reported it. Tearfully reporting the car of Casey Anthony had a smell of death enamating from it. Then reports Casey had been partying those 31 days, blew the lid off the case in the news media.

This laid the groundwork for the beginnings of a lynch-mob reaction from the public. Thousands gathered around the courthouse in Orlando, Florida, some sleeping outside when the trial proceeded, expecting a guilty verdict. When their expectations were smashed by a not guilty verdict, the tired and weary watchers erupted in protest, which spread like wildfire. Outrage so intense and pervasive, it comes across as a mentality of wanting to stone.

Throughout the news reports from the very beginning, we have listened to reports about the dysfunctionality of this family. Which appears to me opened a can of worms, reminding others of the dysfunctionality in their own lives and families of origin. Because there have been so many self-help programs televised, specifically about addictions, drug, alcohol, abuse, control, and etc., the general public has a better understanding about dysfunctionality.

In this connection we have learned, there are two kinds of addictions, chemical and process. For example, addictions to control or sex are termed process addictions. And control issues not only reflect upon the one controlling, but the out of control behavior as well. In the family crucible, in these conditions of addictions, there is usually one labeled “the identified patient,” and others in the family play roles around this identified patient. The major roles family members play are Enabler, Provoker, Victim, in a merry-go-round of denial. They can be confusing because the roles are switched around and played out like a fiddle.

Accordingly, we see in the news about the Anthony family, Casey would act, and others would react. She appeared to be the identified patient. Then others in the family would act and Casey would react. The circular-saw pattern continues. Stops then starts all over again.

Like the devil loose on a crutch and the old saying, “The dog bites the flea and the flea bites the dog and they say together.”

We are now seeing the aftermath of the trial and the tremendous outpouring of reactions from so many across the country. The reaction to the trial has now become a larger story than the trial itself. The answer can be found in the dysfunctionality of that family. The merry-go-round of denial does not subside, but feeds off itself as it keeps replaying, perhaps in a different place, different circumstances with additional players, but the roles keep playing out. It’s like actors on stage in a three act play. The curtain can close and re-open again.

I think we can take a look at the Casey Anthony fiasco, the events, the family crucible, the media attention, the court case and now this explosive outcome, and glean some insight into ourselves, our family and what is happening in this entire country.

Bear with me while I postulate a theory. What is and has happened in Orlando mirrors for the onlookers, that which to one degree or another happens in their own lives and their families. And taking a step further, the anger, frustration, disappointment, and all the negative feelings being expressed are an out-picturing of what the consensus of thinking is across the country about this country, facing the current crisis. It’s as though the Anthony family mirrors what is going on in other families, not taken to the level of murder. Plus it’s as though the story from start to finish, in the headlines the past three years, is the ghost-writer story of what has been taking place in this country past three or four years.

In the Anthony case, a child has been destroyed by someone, an unseen hand, and discarded in a swamp, and a beautiful child living a beautiful life has disappeared and no one knows for sure who, when nor how it was done. The citizenry are in an uproar, flailing around in anger and frustration, lashing out at the identified patient of a family, and the legal system has so unexpectedly notified the public, that no it’s not her, we have listened to all the evidence and she’s not guilty. Now the tempo has risen to a few notches below an American lynch mob!!!

Can we admit to ourselves this entire case is like a ghost-writer mirroring of what is taking place in this entire country?

Freedom, the crowning star of what this country once stood for, is so destroyed there’s little left, and this nation of 300 million is disturbed as we stand on the precipice of disaster, trying to figure out how, who and when it all happened. We grapple with the residual effects, like joblessness, housing values crumbling, the dollar tanking, the school system in shameless shambles, gas and groceries rising daily and on and on ad infinitum, we moan and groan and flail around over the effects of what has happened.

This great country has become like the dysfunctional family, everyone involved but no one accepting responsibility and everyone has their own particular “identified patient” to blame, going round and round as conditions worsen, unwilling to stop and understand who, what, how and when it all came to this hellish state. The jury is gone and the verdict is in for this country. We are no longer a free Nation, we have become Socialistic, a system the antithesis of personal Freedom and private property ownership, in a country of free-enterprise and capitalism.

There’s a great lesson in the Anthony family story and trial. All the protestors should tuck their tails and go home, cool off and take a look at their own life and family, then consider what has happened to this country and the role all of us have played to bring it to the brink of collapse. We are not powerless and can do something about that. The Anthony trial is over, and nothing anyone can do about any decisions already made in this family and the courts. It is ludicrous to keep yelping about “justice” for little Caylee, she’s dead and no longer here. Equally ludicrous to think anyone can do for Casey. She’s free to do what she chooses, after being freed by a 12 person jury of peers. Leave her alone and let it go. Return home and consider doing something about your own family and this Country, to make things better.