The NWO's Chains

Gaddafi’s idea of a Gold Dinar might be the reason for his prospective Demise!

By Rev. Richard Skaff, 06/26/11 (Author of (The Terrorism Industrial Complex: Fear is the Key to Obedience)

         On June 26, 2011, the Huffington Post reported that a top U.S. admiral has confirmed to a U.S. congressman that NATO forces are trying to kill Muammar Gaddafi, and that the need for ground troops in Libya after the embattled leader falls is anticipated. [2].

        What could possibly compel the Anglo-American establishment and its NATO allies to desperately commit this hubris and blatant assassination of a foreign leader?   

        Our Nobel Peace Price Winner Mr. Obama representing the moral conscience of the West, has edified his mission in Libya as a humanitarian one, in order to deter the slaughter of innocent Libyan men and women by an unscrupulous, brutal, and evil dictator. He even went the extra mile and was willing with his allies to finance the alleged revolutionaries better called, the mercenaries or Mujahedeen to dismantle the evil regime of Gaddafi.                               

        Some speculators have condemned the war, and attributed the reason behind the intervention to the usual suspect, and that is the greedy power grab of oil to control the reserves in the region. At the same time, the United Stated and its allies would satisfy their unquenchable thirst for oil, blood, and absolute power.                                      

       As it turned out, Libya has more gold per capita than many advanced economies, and ‘crazy’ and ‘eccentric’ Gaddafi as portrayed by the Western Media, has been talking about a gold-currency for many years in order to move away from the hegemony of the dollar. He even hosted a meeting on this subject a short time before the “humanitarian” mission by “NATO” began. [1].

His plan if successful, would have called for the adoption of the “Gold Dinar,” in order to allegedly share his wealth with his brethren and neighbors, and as a result they will all gain power and independence from their colonialists. Subsequently, the Gold Dinar will also become the official trade currency for Africa and the Middle East, which will dwarf the domination of dollar and its influence in the region, and will also create disastrous economic repercussions for the West. 

         Ironically, Gaddafi did not learn from Saddam Hussein who attempted to trade his oil for Euros instead of dollars, and as a result of his bold movement, his sons were murdered and he was hung by the US supported mob in Iraq. In addition, Saddam’s betrayal of his masters led to the utter destruction of Iraq and the killing of over a million Iraqis.                                                                                   

         Is the same going to happen in Libya? Does history repeat itself? Absolutely, because the majority of people are unable to learn from their mistakes and repetition satisfies their unconscious wish for self-destruction. This wish is also common among  the elite class as pathological narcissism and unbridled power cloud their judgment and obsfucate their senses.                                                           


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