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The secret history of Monsanto, Agent Orange and the mutilation of innocent Vietnamese

by Daniel Erickson, NaturalNews

We still find it difficult to completely forget one of the uglier and far-reaching atrocities of the Vietnam War – the dissemination of a deadly herbicide, Agent Orange. But where we only have movies likeApocalypse Nowand a host of war novels to remind us of the majority of the unpalatable actions that took place in the 60s, the repercussions of Agent Orange are still rising and expanding – through the world and media.

No matter how difficult it is to stop and listen to the stories ofUS militaryveterans who served in Vietnam, we cannot discount the myriad of first-person accounts of the damage that was caused and the cover-ups that have taken place since.

One recent story was unveiled earlier this year by KPHO, a news station in Phoenix, which showcased a number of Vietnam veterans’ who suggested the USmilitaryhad ordered them to bury barrels upon barrels ofAgent Orangein Camp Carroll, an army base in South Korea. Veteran Steve House, who continues to suffer from a number of the diseases that have been commonly linked to Agent Orangeexposure, describes digging a two-acre ditch and then filling it with barrels fitting the description of those containing Agent Orange.

House suffers from Neuropathy, a fairly uncommondiseasefor anyone to develop without the help ofpoisonor sustained use of the affected nerve group. Carpal Tunnel is one of the more commonly known, and minor, types ofneuropathy. The disease occurs when damage is done to a group of nerve cells, resulting in loss of sensation, tingling or burning sensations in the affected nerve group, weakness, or even paralysis in extreme cases.

A fellow soldier who served with House, Robert Travis, has corroborated the story: “There was approximately 25 drums, all OD green… On the barrels it said “chemicalstype Agent Orange.” It had a stripe around the barrel dated 1967 for the Republic of Vietnam.” Travis currently experiences extreme weakness in his hands andfeet, as well as arthritis in his neck and back.

A number of US military personnel who traversed territory that had been bombed with Agent Orange reported severe neuropathy in their feet in the weeks following. They had been walking all over theherbicidefor a relatively brief period, and to this day, the compound has been raging through their bodies, since, still limiting their ability to function.

The majority of Vietnamveteranssuffering from exposure to Agent Orange are given federal aid to contend with the consequences of exposure. To sufferers of ailments commonly associated with the noxious herbicide, the USgovernmentis projected to mete out up to $67 billion over the next ten years.

As veterans in the US still combat and fall to the effects of the herbicide, children with genetic defects continue to remind Vietnamese citizens of the potency and far-reaching effects of the chemical of this terrifying poison, which has affected three generations of offspring, so far. The US has spent $43 million on these affected populations, to date, or under one-tenth what they have spent on veterans.

But Agent Orange hotspots in Vietnam must be cleaned up if they are to stop causing more diseases and genetic defects. In 2010, a ten-year plan was proposed to clear the Agent Orange hotspots in Vietnam, the areas that still contain hazardous levels of the compound.

The $300 million plan has yet to be fully funded by the US; however, it has found a number of valuable contributors, which has helped provide some more necessary momentum. Having already spent $37 million on cleaning efforts, the US has shown some amount ofresponsibilityfor its actions of the past, but it has yet to deal with the full extent of the damage, at the source.

When Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, visited Vietnam late last year, she connected theprojectto heal some of the worst damage done to Vietnam to the strengthening of an alliance between Vietnam and the US, referring to the compound still prevalent in the ground as: “… a legacy of the painful past we share, but the project we will undertake here, as our two nations work hand-in-hand to clean up this site, is a sign of the hopeful future we are building together.” Meanwhile, the herbicide continues to produce untreatable deformities in Vietnamese youth.

Yet, despite these obvious and disturbing signs thatherbicidescan be extremely harmful and difficult to dislodge, thecompaniesthat produced Agent Orange still grow and develop, increasing their product lines, their bottom lines, and revenue, not only in the US but across the world. A quick glance on theMonsantoweb page on June 20 of 2011 portrays the company has grown by over 8% per year, on average, since 2007. Monsanto, along with Dow Chemicals, were the two companies, which produced the approximately 12 million gallons of Agent Orange that the US military used to destroy about 14% of Vietnam’snaturalenvironment.

The companies have easily batted away all protests and claims against them, passing the buck to the US government as the culprit. Perhaps they are well within their legal rights. After all, they simply filled the orders given them, much like a firearms producer. Can we blame them for how the US military dispersed their product?

Perhaps not. However, there is still plenty of room for suspicion of foul play. If Monsanto and Dow Chemicals knew exactly how dangerous their product was, then it would have been their responsibility to inform the government of the long-term and catastrophic effects of mass dissemination. If they did not know these basic facts about the dangers of their own product, then it is a case of rampant negligence, the kind of which they can only be expected to reproduce, without significant consequences for their irresponsibility.

At least these companies should acknowledge the part they did play in whatpeopleare too afraid to label, genocide.

Len Aldis, founder of the UK-Vietnam Friendship Association, who has contributed a large amount of his own funds and time in support of the effort to clean up Agent Orange in Vietnam, does level sincere blame on the heads of Monsanto and Dow Chemicals. In a letter addressed to Monsanto’s Board of Directors, Mr. Aldis writes: “You may not be aware of the part played by your company in this criminal act, but there have been many protests here in the UK and many other countries at the use of Agent Orange on Vietnam… I have seen the results of your product in jars containing unborn babies, a sight not many people could stomach seeing.”

To this date, Mr. Aldis has received no reply, a stance that is upheld on Monsanto and Dow Chemicals’ websites. These URLs make no mention of Agent Orange, by name, by policy change, etc. If they are content to sweep this product under the rug, how can they be trusted today, as they produce genetically-enhanced seeds, herbicides, and other product lines? What impetus is there to thoroughly test these lab-controlled mutations?

When we play with a fire that has already burnt us, can we expect anything less than to be burnt again?


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This is phony. If there wasn’t money in this you would never hear about it. Agent orange was investigated up, down and inside out and the only thing it causes is acne. Yes there are birth defects and illnesses in Vietnam but they aren’t caused by agent orange. There are birth defects and illnesses everywhere, or haven’t you noticed.


My particular “ilk” is truth. Horrible pictures! Presumably nothing like that happened before agent orange or in any other country. But to believe that you would have to be deaf dumb and blind. In fact horrible illnesses and deformed fetus/births have been with us since before history. Perhaps you never looked in some of the old National Geographics. An extensive and full study on the effects of agent orange failed to connect it with any disease or deformity. The only thing they found was that it caused serious acne. Make no mistake, this is about the money and not about agent orange. Expect more pictures until this golden goose is killed and all the lawyers have mansions and Mercedes.


GOVERNMENT FUNDED studies found no link. Plenty of other studies did. Obviously you haven’t bothered following my links or even doing a Google Scholar search. There are plenty to choose from.

But keep your head in the sand. I’m sure your government and beloved Monsanto are doing well by you.

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