Militant Rants

How you and your kids are unknowingly assisting the Pentagram’s Skynet and the Google Cyborgs build databases for future

AI murder-missions by AR gaming via devices with GPS, WiMax, WiFi, etc.

We’ll forgive you if you don’t understand why this is a very, Very, VERY BAD development for Life, Liberty, and Freedom.

Humor us while we get you there…

Remember back in the good old days when it was just those bar-codes(UPC) that worried folks…hahaha!

Then there was RFID. Then Google. Then Google Earth. Then Google Street View.

Cell phone signal triangulation. GPS enabled phones. WiFi and WiMax GPS enabled smartphones and mobile devices.

Then we’ll ask you to recall the last Census where they went door to door, recording residential GPS coordinates.

Are you beginning to see the bad and the ugly yet?

In a scene right out of Minority Report, everything is GPS tagged and then the database is built out from there.

Those Enforcers driving down your street in their cruiser can call up every single data-point associated with your

The street. The sewers. Your front yard. Back yard. Upstairs. Downstairs.

Your cellphone, there on the dresser…are they listening to you snore, talk with family, or chat on land-line.

How about that computer on the desk…is your webcam on or off…how do you know…really…really?

Then there are all those other technologies as well…you know…x-rays, infrared, night-vision, etc.

Here is just ONE website that will give you pause…and probably make your eyes bleed.

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