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The Corporation Nation Part 2 – just released!

by Clint Richardson

After many months of research, distractions, and turmoil, I have finally posted “The Corporation Nation: Episode 2” –

It is aptly titled: “THE GREAT PENSION FUND HOAX”, and can be viewed here:

It is housed on Youtube, here:

This is a four hour presentation. It is presented as documentary evidence, and not entertainment. Many questions are answered within. Be sure and watch the last 20 minutes if this lengthy, completely sourced, horrendously factual documentary if it might make you miss your 4 hours of screaming Alex Jones or George Noory, God forbid…

A shorter version will be made soon.

According to Youtube, it may be taken down shortly for copyright reasons. In reality, I’m sure they don’t like it very much!

Also, at the end of this movie, I have officially announced my candidacy for President of the United States (Corporation).

Though I am not running a traditional campaign, and am not running under an incorporated “party”, this idea – whose time has come – is one you should check out. Please read at least the front page of my new website, here:

Individual platform agendas are listed to the right.