USA: Police State

Kids Learn the ABCs of the Lemonade Stand Police State

by Karen De Coster

This police chief (see 00:35 of the video) in Midway, Georgia looks like she belongs to the TSA more so than a militarized police force, and she states that the team of little girls who had set up a lemonade stand to sell to neighborhood customers were “breaking the law,” and “the law is the law.” And of course, the law must be enforced by a bunch of tax-feeding, looting thugs to keep everyone “safe and healthy.”

Local police, having nothing better to do, pounced on the little girls’ lemonade stand and shut it down this past week. FOX News reports that the girls were told they’d need a business license, peddler’s permit, and food permit to operate their lemonade stand. One of the Moms said that it seems to her that the cops “have nothing better to do.” Amen to that, sister. And the girls, hopefully, will take home a libertarian lesson from this.

See my post from last year on anarcho-lemonadism.