House Committee Approves Bill Mandating That Internet Companies Spy on Their Users

Posted: July 30th, 2011 by Militant Libertarian

by Rainey Reitman, EFF

Despite serious privacy concerns being voiced by both Democratic and Republican leaders and by thousands of digital rights activists using EFF’s Action Center, this afternoon the House Judiciary Committee voted 19 to 10 to recommend passage of H.R. 1981. That bill contains amandatory data retention provision that would require your Internet service providers to retain 12 months’ worth of personal information that could be used to identify what web sites you visit and what content you post online. EFF had previously joined with 29 other civil liberties and consumer privacy groups in signing a letter to the Committee members that condemned the bill as a “direct assault on the privacy of Internet users.”

EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston had this to say about today’s vote:

The data retention mandate in this bill would treat every Internet user like a criminal and threaten the online privacy and free speech rights of every American, as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have recognized. Requiring Internet companies to redesign and reconfigure their systems to facilitate government surveillance of Americans’ expressive activities is simply un-American. Such a scheme would be as objectionable to our Founders as the requiring of licenses for printing presses or the banning of anonymous pamphlets. Today’s vote is therefore very disappointing, but we are especially thankful to GOP Representatives Sensenbrenner, Issa and Chaffetz, who chose principle over party-line in opposing this dangerous tech mandate. We hope that bipartisan opposition will grow as the bill makes its way to the House floor and more lawmakers are educated about this anti-privacy, anti-free speech, anti-innovation proposal.

Please help us defeat this legislation before it is made law by contacting your Representative today.


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  1. D. Senate says:

    Efficiency and practically require a pilot program
    bata version of this oppressive massive federal
    bureaucratic extension.

    Would Mr. Reitmann, EFF please also advocate
    that a detailed trial run of this H.R. 1981 be
    implemented as soon as possible covering
    all electronic data flowing into and out of
    Washinging D.C. through a minimum time
    frame ending November 5th, 2012?
    All data gathered shall be submitted to
    all industries of the Private Sector in real time
    for further suggestions and proposals.
    Post 9/1/11 by D. Senate, Trust Agent Private Sector

  2. D. Senate says:

    Re mr. Rainey Reitman’s EFF comment on H.R. 1981:
    Do we need to remind ourselves that
    representative democracy does not mean
    oppression by massive federal bureaucracy.
    9/2/11 Post by D. Senate, Trust Agent Private Sector or

  3. Wow. Sadly this does not shock me one bit. I mean, when the supreme court rules 5-4 against a gun grabbing law…that means either

    1. 4 supreme court justices cannot read the 2nd amendment.


    2. There is an alternative agenda here.

    I’d like to hear how they are wrapping this in pretty paper. How are they even trying to sell this to us?

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