Militant Rants

Spend, Washington, Spend!

by MasterPrepper, Truth2America

MasterPrepper’s Note: I got one of those emails about the “evil liberals” and how they’re “trashing our economy” and penned this in reply.

The U.S. budget pie is basically split into three large slices: military spending, social entitlements, and discretionary funds. The leftover sliver is actual operational funds.

$18.75% of the budget goes to the Department of Defense. We have roughly 175 foreign military bases (  and spend more per GDP on our military than any other country.  Three times that of China and 30% more than both Russia and the UK.

Social Security and Medicare make up 32.5% of our nation’s budget. Yet as soon as anyone mentions possible cutbacks, there are immediate screams of protest from the Entitlement Generation (I mean “Golden” Generation). Neither SS nor MC are sustainable operations.

Unemployment and other mandatory discretionary spending is the bulk of the discretionary budget right now at around 16%. Compare that to the 1.4% spend on the Dept of Veteran’s Affairs. Expect this unemployment budget to plummet later this year and get sent to the DoD like most of the discretionary funds usually do.

So.. Our government is spending more than double what it brings in and is spending most of that on things that create no productivity at all – which, incidentally, is the very definition of government: something that takes and never gives.

Yet no one really ever discusses this. Liberals scream murder when their entitlements are threatened and Conservatives get up in arms when their precious military is suggested for the chopping block.

We can’t have both.  They both need to go.  Since there are so many hands in all of these honey pots of government spending, however, don’t expect it to happen until everything falls down entirely.  When we’ve hit the reset button, maybe we can start fresh again.  Until then, expect these leaches on our nation to continue sucking.