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Indiana cop charged with DUI while hauling DARE trailer


This past week, Seymour Police Officer John Newcomb was charged with DUI by State Police after hitting a parked car with his truck. In an amusing twist of irony, Newcomb was hauling a trailer for DARE, the government’s ineffective anti-drug and alcohol abuse program. Newcomb was off-duty at the time and was reportedly borrowing the trailer to move.

According to the Seymour Police Department’s website, Newcomb is a School Resource Officer responsible for seven schools. The site specifically mentions that he “conducts lectures with the students on police related issues such as narcotics and alcohol and their effects on driving.”

Newcomb was given a paid vacation by his department pending a hearing scheduled for August 11.


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John and Dagny Galt


Sounds like Seymour needs to convene an immediate review board to fire and prosecute the local bureaucrats and enforcers!

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