Militant Rants

The Militant Libertarian Hits Elections 2012!

OK, folks.  I’m totally selling out.  This blog is now a Google Page Rank 4 and has an Alexa rating under 1 million.  In online marketing terms, this site is a “link juice goldmine.”  In order to capitalize on that, I’m selling political ads on the site.

Before you unsubscribe from the RSS and run for the hills, wait a sec…

I’m not just selling ads.  What I’m selling is the opportunity for political campaigns to get linked to from here.  In return, I get to make fun of them as I write the post that links to their statist, control freak b.s.

See?  It’s a total win-win-win.  I get to make fun of campaigns who come to me asking for advertising, the political candidate or cause gets a large amount of link juice from a high-rank political site, and you, the reader, get to see me trashing on statist a-holes running for office.

How awesome is that!

If you want to see it or aren’t afraid to get made fun of, here’s the link to buy this whoopass service: