Fighting Back

Have hope: The elite make mistakes ALL the time

by Gareth,

The arrogant psychopathic elite, aka the new world order, have made numerous mistakes down-the-years whilst designing their global debt-farm manufacturing process, but the masses, unfortunately, have failed to ‘wake up’ in time before ‘they’ had thought-up the unthinkable and implemented yet another horrendous strategy. The elite/parasites, in the past, have introduced their ‘solution’ before a critical number of people/hosts are sufficiently awake to expose the elite’s malevolent and inhumane atrocities.  This time it’s different, very different indeed.

1.   Gold, Silver and fiat: mistakes of the elite

To create, and maintain, the insidious debt-based world they’ve engineered, the elite have taken many calculated risks along the way.  They’ve encouraged the squandering of silver in industry and instructed the central banks, via the government, to flood the market for decades with cheap gold and cheap silver.  They always attack silver and gold in whatever way they can – keep that it mind when you study the markets.

Their strategic plan would appear to be: hood-wink the entire globe into using national/regional debt-based fiat via a national/regional central bank; cause a major economic catastrophe, and then introduce a standard global fiat as a ‘solution’ to economic woes. Absent of specific location, and akin to the UN, this new abomination would become the ultimate debt-based fiat PONZI scheme.  This plan, however, depended on numerous, and apparently too many, gambles by the scum that parades the globe and believe it is their birth-right to govern, rule, steal, and cull as they please.

Firstly, they gambled upon everyone forgetting that gold and silver have been money since time remembered in EVERY nation.  You’ve probably all witnessed the response to Bernanke’s quote, “gold is not money”.  Ron Paul made Bernanke appear like someone from another dimension on that significant day, and a serious psychological blow was landed on the elite. The significance is not that Ben next-for-the-cull Bernanke dropped-the-ball but because of the public response – globally – on the internet.  Even the most naïve person knows that gold is, and always has been money – even if they’ve never contemplated the topic before.  Ron woke a few people up that day, and he should be applauded for his consistent and methodical work.

The central-banks are currently net-buyers of gold, which is the first time in decades and indicates they have very little of that inert substance left.  We should be encouraging people to demand audits of fort Knox, the Bank of England, and other national holdings. Central banks, along with corrupt treasury departments, have been rigging the market’s gold and silver demands in more ways than one.  We know they haven’t got any physical silver remaining in their central banks reserves and are reliant on shorting, loaning-out, and other scams for that precious metal.   From my perspective, they’ve lost control over silver and it’s a critical error that they’ll regret, and one that we shall celebrate.  Areas intending to introduce a silver-standard will sever currency links with the elite immediately because THE ELITE HAVE NO SILVER.  Very soon, there will be a silver-shortage too big to cover-up, and many banks will simply vanish from existence, culling the elite’s web down to the bare bones – the numerous central banks.

They gambled and failed to convince humanity that “gold is not money” and now they are also low on gold: a trend illustrated by the central banks’ activities.  There are countless small investors located GLOBALLY that are holding gold-bullion – which makes it extremely difficult for the parasitical class to locate and confiscate such holdings.  The ‘golden rule’ implies that those holding the gold will ultimately rule.  This rule can and WILL be extended towards silver.  So if the citizens of your local area hold more gold, silver, or combination of the two than the elite, remember that it is you that now rule and starting placing more demands upon them.   In many US states I can foresee a silver-standard currency, and as THE ELITE HAVE NO SILVER it will be difficult for them to introduce yet another debt-based tangible to such places. In other areas, however, the battle will be different due to what the citizen’s hold.

I’ve mentioned before:  Gold and silver are not intrinsically benign and honest. They are money; and money has been used for both good and evil for millennia.  Original usury practitioners will have loaned gold and silver, and the House of Rothschild loaned gold to governments via their web of central banks.  Many are shouting that gold and silver are ‘honest’ currency, but only if they are debt-free at the source of issuance.  The call for ‘honest money’ should not be conflated with the differences between gold/silver and fiat currency – as that is different topic.  Debt-free currency is honest – whether it is gold, silver, or fiat.  Although, I shan’t go into greater detail about the differences between money and fiat currency here, I believe it’s important to state that although gold and silver are not intrinsically honest, they are far better than fiat.  100% of all known fiat currencies have ultimately failed.  However, debt-free fiat could have a role to play in the unravelling of the elite’s debt-based currency/usury.  I share the opinion that debt-free gold and silver is the most honest and stable currency that society can utilize, but what if it’s believed that the nation lacks the sufficient measurements of these precious metals?

The public in my area have unfortunately been selling their gold jewellery to pawn shops for a number of years, and the majority will have no gold left.  Indeed, I can recall stalls in bus stations etc that appeared only for a few months with the signs “we buy gold” all over the windows.  Unlike pawn shops, this store simply bought gold and neither bought nor sold anything else – just a gold-gobbling parasite and I’m not sure who was behind it. Recently, the regular pawn shops, -the ones that have been around for a long time, have also added “and silver” beneath their sign “we buy gold”.

On this side of the pond, in the UK, various groups are proposing the introduction of debt-free fiat currency to facilitate the paradigm shift that’s about to occur.  Although I’m not morally opposed to such a currency, I believe it will succumb to Gresham’s Law as the people store their wealth in precious metals.  That’s just myopinion, and it’s an opinion I intend to put forward to people over here.  However, ANY currency that isn’t controlled by the debt/war paradigm is welcome as far as I’m concerned.  Let all the debt-free currencies circulate and compete once the global ban on usury is in place.  A ban that WILL HAPPEN, and probably quite soon.

To summarize the elite appear to have no silver, very little gold, and are currently attempting to rescue their position by purchasing gold via their central banks after being a net-seller for decades.  Groups are advocating debt-free fiat similar to Lincoln’s Greenback.  The elite are cornered; they’ve timed it all wrong and have lost control of the current debt-based fiats that they intended to utilize for their abominable goal – war.  I believe they intended to use the $US, £UK and the euro to pay combat troops in their plans for WW3.  Upon the completion of WW3 they intended to impose a global debt-based fiat as a solution to the economic woes inflicted because of their lust for war.

War preparations: mistakes of the elite

Troops want paying – simple fact of war.  Once the collapse of the markets and the commercial banks has occurred the elite will be stripped down to their central banks and their central governments.  If they haven’t gathered enough gold by that juncture, they will be unable to pay troops from the various countries they intend to manipulate into war.  In the states, the $US will hyper-deflate or hyper-inflate causing world-wide distrust of fiat currency as the domino effects ripple around the globe.  Any troops, whether national, regional, or assassin squads will want gold or silver as payment.  The elite have NO silver, and very little gold, and will probably rely on the tried-and-tested method of nationalistic pride along with whatever pitiful amount of gold they have left.

“Naturally the common people don’t want war:  Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all ,it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” Herman Goering.

Somewhat differently, the elite have deliberately attempted to destroy nationalistic pride in the EU.  They wanted to implement a regional block based upon multi-cultural policies to divide-and-conquer at a local, national, and regional level.   The empty-shell Herman Van Rumpoy, the EU President, recently stated that “the age of nation states is over” or words to that effect.  The divide-and-conquer tactic in Europe was a deliberate attempt to destroy nation states and impose a European identity amongst the citizenry.  Deemed suspicious by many at the offset, the EU project is rejected by people from the tip of Northern Ireland to south-eastern Bulgaria.  When treaties have been subjected to public referendums, they have largely been rejected.  More importantly, many people are well aware that the commission simply repackages the same treaty and bullies the population into accepted it at the second time of ‘asking’, e.g. Republic of Ireland, or simply doesn’t give the public a referendum at all, e.g. France and the Netherlands.  Many countries, such as the UK, haven’t had a referendum regarding the EU since Heath unlawfully hood-winked the public into the then EEC in the 1970’s. The ELITE FAILED to create a European identity, and so their ambitious plans for a EUROCORPS will never materialise.  Europeans love to visit other European countries, but we don’t regard ourselves collectively at a cultural level.

Why would the elite desire a EUROCORPS in the first place?  I personally believe they intended to play the EU against the middle-east and the US against China and Russia.  Whilst encouraging many people from Islamic countries to move to the EU, the elite have simultaneously attacked Muslim countries.  Whilst building-up China’s economy, the elite have destroyed the US economy. However, there are others that believe they intend to use the tried-and-tested method of agitating the Germans and British to attack each other.  Who fully knows what evil plans they’ve conjured up, but they’ve certainly not created a standard European identity.  We still regard ourselves as ‘English’, ‘Scottish’, ‘French’, ‘German’, ‘Spanish’, ‘Romanian’ etc, and furthermore, through attempting to create a European identity many of us serfs have realised that the serfs in other countries are very similar to us – they don’t want war either.  Indeed, many people want the EU abolished and for the banks that issue debt-based currency to be closed-down.  The elite have, unfortunately, been successful at breeding intolerance within countries between the indigenous population and the recent arrivals using obvious agitators such ShariaforUK and the EDL in England.  Such groups are hierarchical in nature, and members of the sons of liberty academy should know not to trust groups that have leaders.

The Arab Spring would also indicate the elite have lost control of that region also.  It would appear that many of the uprisings are genuine, and that the people in such areas desire to control their own lives, and their own destiny.  The Egyptians will soon realise that they’ve been side-tracked and that no real change has been made creating yet another round of peaceful protests in that particular area.  The $audis, backed by the US, have crushed descent in both their own country and neighbouring Bahrain and yet no ‘war crime’ plea has been made by a corporate media.  Such calls have been limited to two specific countries – Libya and Syria.

Gadafi is on video requesting a gold-backed currency at an African Union meeting, which obviously made him a target for the parasites that patrol Westminster and Washington DC.  Furthermore, the ‘rebels’ have agreed to allow a central bank to be established in Libya once the defeat of Gadafi’s forces is complete.  Very few countries lack a central bank and they include Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, and Libya.  By-the-way, although the Iraqi war was primarily about oil, a central bank was established there in 2003, shortly after the occupation.  The same strategy is occurring in Libya.  Central banks really need to be abolished on a global scale, ASAP.

The elite are also antagonising the Chinese by cutting-off their primary trade route in North Africa.  Indeed, thousands of Chinese engineers and business men have fled the country since the CIA/MI5-backed uprisings occurred.

The uprisings in Syria are almost certainly backed the elite.  Syria is a strategic port for the Russians, and you should expect more calls to intervene between the ‘rebels’ and the government forces in that area by the presstitutes that work for the Rothschild-controlled media.  Both the Russians and the Chinese will be well aware of the strategy unfolding, and their elite may start attacking back very soon.

As stated, Europeans are unlikely to war with each in the near future.  Civil war could occur, but a war between England and Germany is very unlikely as many Germans live in England and vice versa.  It’s VERY IMPORTANT for people in China, Russia and the US to communicate with each other during the coming months.  So if you’re language savvy, reach-out to people living abroad.

Ultimately, the elite cannot pay their troops – a trend that will become more apparent over the coming months as the $US becomes more and more rejected by ‘rebel’ groups in Libya and Syria, and indeed the national US military.  They are reliant upon nationalistic pride to kick start world war three, but as the world is now very open via the internet, there is an opportunity, and a duty, for regular citizens in Iran, the EU, China, Russia, and the US of A to communicate and share ideas.


The Internet: Mistakes by the elite

The parasitical class, aka the elite, aka the New World Order need the internet at this particular juncture, and have no choice but to allow it to flourish.  They need all those debt-based fiat currencies to be transferred in countless amounts and units to maintane the charade of market mechanics and to provide a veil over their fraudulent and unlawful behaviour.  The internet has gotten away from the elite’s control.  Unlike the mainstream television stations and the mainstream newspapers, there is no central control, i.e. there is no hierarchical structure and therefore no leaders to honey-trap, bribe, threaten, or coerce in some way to serve the elite.

The masses are ditching newspapers at an ever increasing rate and many people disregard the news portrayed on Fox or the BBC: “they never tell us the truth” is the groan from the sheeple.  Furthermore, due to their deliberate running-down of western economies through their evil globalism plans, the elite have left many youth unemployed, bored, and with plenty of spare time to browse the internet.  Unlike in previous generations, when the youth had no communication with people outside their own local area, today’s youngsters blog and write amongst themselves and are from all corners of the globe, i.e. the youth KNOW the game’s rigged – and are rapidly identifying the culprits – the banks and their own government.

Alex Jones rivals many mainstream news outlets, the unemployed youth use the internet, not the TV and certainly not the newspapers for the information they desire.  People are well aware the game’s rigged, but many are fearful, some are indifferent, and I suspect many suffer from a type of Stockholm syndrome.However, the number of people growing with bravery, concern, and aspirations of freedom and justice is exponential throughout the globe.  From revolutions in Europe and the middle east, the list of countries growing in confidence to tackle the elite is both enlightening and hopeful for those still stuck in an Orwellian nightmare.  Inspired by other country’s uprising, the strength-in-numbers is too big for the pathetic, cowardly, and deceitful parasites that have enslaved us all for far too long.  Our time is now, we need to become braver.

Reach out to those in other countries, make peace and friendship with people from all walks of life as you are them, and they are you – SANE AND PEACEFUL PEOPLE.  Remember the old saying, “War is when your government tells you who the enemy is, revolution is when you figure it out for yourself”, or words to that effect.  There is no need for an American green-grocer to shoot an Iranian/Chinese fish-monger or vice-versa.  Nor is there a need for muslims and non-muslims to attack one another.  Under Common Law – the Law of all the angle-sphere – and enshrined through Magna Carta and other constitutions – EVERYONE is EQUAL regardless of ethnicity, creed, or gender.  The banksters and their minions are your enemy, that is the message that’s now resonating around the globe.


The elite have dropped-the-ball by selling all their money for a cheap price in the hope that people would forget gold and silver are money.  They’re completely cornered in silver, which is something undeniable once the evidence is accumulated.  The central governments of the world had huge reserves of silver in the 1950’s, but now they have NONE.  They appear to be light on gold too, a feature exemplified by their web of central banks purchasing a huge quantities.  They cannot pay the troops, they are only left with their illusory debt-based fiat currency that people are rejecting at an ever-growing rate.

They’ve needed the internet to facilitate their evil plans, and have gambled upon people trusting the mainstream media for their information – an assumption they are realising will be their downfall.  As we surf the net, and meet others from other places with information and ideas, we need to be open minded.  Many will have different cultural and religious beliefs to you, but that doesn’t make you correct, and them incorrect: we each see the world from a unique perspective.  What is very common, however, is that we are SANE AND PEACEFUL people and not a single one amongst us desires war.  War WILL BE THE ELITE’S NEXT MOVE.  So reach out with messages of peace, love and joy so we can avoid the scenes of blind patriotism and people willfully marching off to shoot some other serf that is as innocent as us.