Militant Rants

Quick Update – New Site Feature Being Tested

This is a quick note to tell you about a new site feature I’ve installed as a test.  It’s meant to get people more engaged in the site by tagging specific names (usually celebrities, politicians, and other famous people).  When you see a name that is underlined (or turned pink) as a link, you can hover your mouse over it and a box will pop up.

Below is a demo of what the links look like, as a screen shot of Russell D. Longcore’s latest about Jesus not being electable in today’s political market:

Click to enlarge

That box asks you to “vote” up or down for the person (smiley, frowny).  If you vote, you can add a comment.  That comment gets added to those across the network so that every time that name appears on this site, the same comment thread is shown in that popup box.

The plugin is called “” and I was invited to install and test it.  I guess most of those using it are what we would refer to as “statists” and “socialists” and the plugin’s creator wants a more, shall we say, conservative try at it.  So here you go.

I’m going to leave it running, assuming no problems, for a few weeks and see if it changes site metrics or usage any.  Since it requires no effort beyond the setup on my part, I may not remove it at all unless it conflicts or has problems somewhere.

Let me know what you think of it, if you think anything at all.  Feel free to use or ignore it at your discretion.