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How Does Property Ownership Relate to Your Freedom?

by Freedom Lady

A small number show interest in understanding the meaning of Freedom. I’m always trying to figure out why that is, and made a few discoveries. First, I had to get past the erroneous notion I held, that everyone wanted freedom, because such is not the case. Many like the Nanny state and the life of Socialism. One of the reasons there’s lack of interest in understanding Freedom is that so many already think they know what it is. There’s a pervasive notion that Freedom is doing what you want to do, so long as you’re not harming another person. And that simply does not define Freedom.

Similar to believing the world was flat, those of that time in history had no inquiring mind to consider any other possibility, because they believed they already understood what the earth was like. But they were wrong, because all those generations believing the earth was flat, the entire time the earth was round. They were quite restricted in their travels, thinking they would reach some point of falling off the earth into a pit of darkness.

Similar to the way many define Freedom, believing it’s doing what you want to do, when you want to and how you want to, prevents one from considering that there is more to it than just that. Further, because there a self-responsibility to be free, some really do not wish to accept that, and try to avoid it by attempts to ignore.Then there’s around the clock jack-hammer news, touting the notion political government is going to take care of you. All you need to do is stand in line and sign up.

After four years of writing articles about Freedom, I’m discovering there are some out there interested in learning more about Freedom, not many but a few. I can tell when the interest is sincere, when one asks questions about it. One such sincere student recently wrote and asked the question, “Who owns the City?” Which tells me, when one is interested in understanding more about “Ownership,” that denotes a sincere interest in understanding Freedom.

Absence of understanding about ownership, underscores a basic problem in this country, because non-producers assume they are entitled to that which producers own. This is learned misinformation, because the average young child understands ownership, and loudly proclaims, “This toy is mine!!!”

We can’t exist without “owning” and we can’t own without the ability and Right to destroy that which we own. And it’s necessary to have control, in order to own and destroy. You owned that hamburger you had for lunch. You controlled it and destroyed it. A tree is chopped down for heat, or to build shelter. Once ignited by fire, it is no more, the wood burns and the fire is out and is no more. The tree and fire is gone but necessary for man to have heat to survive. Just as it’s necessary to have food to survive. Man destroys the covering of the sheep for the wool to make clothing. Destroys the cow for beef to eat. And on and on, one could list the things we as human beings must destroy in order to sustain life.

Accordingly, there are several areas of understanding about ourselves we must face and address in order to understand the real meaning of freedom. And ownership is a vital part of the understanding of Freedom. Repeating things I have pointed out before in previous articles, there are a couple of criteria to ownership. Namely, a thing must have a boundary, and the owner must have control. And thirdly, one must be able to destroy, if one chooses. You do not in fact own anything you cannot control, you cannot destroy and which does not have a boundary.

In this connection, one can take any situation and address with those three things and understand whether or not they in fact own. Possession is not ownership. For example, you possess your home, but do not in fact own it, because you must obtain permission from others to do any number of things to that which you bought, paid for, have the deeds to and think you own.

Returning to the question, “Who owns the City?” The question is non-specific, because some things in the City are privately owned, and others are labeled “public property.” Addressing one particular of the city, i.e., City Parks. Who owns them? Several questions come to mind. Who uses the park? Tourists, residents, immigrants, and just about any and every one. Who pays for the park? Taxpayers. Do the taxpayers own it ? No. Does the Parks Department that maintains it, own it? No. Does the City Council, who oversees it, own it? No. If a taxpayer moves from the area, can he sell the part he has paid for? No.

If the City Council doesn’t own it, they can’t dispose of it as they see fit. Neither can the Parks Department. Neither can the taxpayer who paid for it, sell or dispose of it. The park, in fact, is property kept out of ownership, and is managed by a system of tribal fee-taking. And this kind of arrangement can lead to all sorts of disputes and misunderstandings. The City Park is a non-owned entity, and does not meet the criteria of that which constitutes ownership.

Conversely, these areas of confusion, misunderstandings, and disputes, are not there when Property is privately owned. The owner establishes he does in fact owns, and is free to do with as he chooses, without permission from anyone. Ownership of property is a total concept.

Therefore it is essential one understand the meaning of ownership in order to understand the meaning of Freedom. Which brings us full circle back to understanding our Rights as expressed by our founding fathers, when they stated, we have a Right to Life, Liberty and Happiness as expressed in the documents created by the founders of this Nation. Happiness implies property ownership, because ownership is essential to sustain Life. And Life is the moral imperative.

This brings us to the realization that collectively controlled property is the antithesis of freedom. The system of government here in this Constitutional Republic, was founded upon the notion of private property ownership. And a departure from this moral imperative, has led us down the bridle path of Socialism, to the brink of disaster we face today in this once great nation. And no amount of manmade laws, rules, regulations, policies and edicts coming out of Washington can fix the dilemma we face. They only compound and exacerbate the existing situation we all face today.

For a society to sustain and maintain the morality of freedom, it must represent private ownership of property. And cannot be maintained nor sustained while reverting back to Tribal Law and Feudalism.

When a majority imposes its standards on a minority, it is a practice which starts the disintegration of freedom and Private property ownership. With interference into one’s Universal, God-given Right to be Free. Rights given to us by our Creator and not by any political government.