When All Else Fails

Passing Obamacare – ReasonTV and 8 Minute Cure

These are two videos with the author of Passing Obamacare, a book that gives an alternative to both leaving the healthcare industry as-is and to the Obamacare rape and pillage program.  You may or may not agree with his ideas, but at least the guy is proposing some – unlike most Tea Party and other Obamacare opposition.

The first video is from Reason.TV where Nick Gillespie interviews the author, Glenn Morton, about the coming Obamacare death knell.  The second is the author himself explaining his plan in a nutshell (8 minutes’ worth, turn up the volume as it’s really low).

Morton contacted MilitantLibertarian.org directly asking if our readers would be interested.  Knowing that you are all mostly intelligent folk (Hank excluded, you hate mail fiend haha), I figured any solution would be something you’d be willing to consider on merit.  So here you go.  Most of his solution, by the way, is to remove a lot of government from the whole equation.  Plus one in my book!