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Commentary Ahoy! Big List of Great Stuff

Peter Schiff’s congressional testimony on fixing the economy

Gary North: Restoring Liberty With Three Short Laws

Thomas Sowell: Government is the problem, not the solution

Paul Craig Roberts on 9/11: Architects, Engineers, Pilots, Firefighters are all lying?

Anthony Wile on 9/11: Even some commissioners of government report on 9/11 renounce it

Ron Paul: Understanding Money, Precious Metals, and Competing mediums of exchange

Robert Wenzel: About Liberty Dollars and Bernard von NotHaus

Mac Slavo: Get out your hammers RIGHT NOW and start pounding the mint stamps off!!!

Gary North: Your Gold Coins

Eric Peters: Automobile manufacturers use government to stifle innovation and competition

Gary North on mortgage defaults, personal defaults, and government default via money printing

Why They Hate Us…what if they did to us, what we have been doing to them for decades?
Gary D. Barnett:
Jack Hunter:
Paul Mulshine:
Ron Paul:
Eric margolis:
Laurence M. Vance:
Robert Scheer:
Tom Engelhardt and Noam Chomsky:
Gary D. Barnett:

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