Rethinking Paradigms

World of Tanks MMO

from WhatAGuySees

When I first saw this game, I didn’t really think it was going to be anything special.  I’ve played tank and similar WWII strategy games before and was usually not impressed.  This one, however, is very different.  It’s also highly addictive.

First, you are a tanker and his crew.  Your job is to use your equipment and crew to the best of their abilities and get as many kills during battle as possible.  But this is an MMO and you’re part of a team.  It’s your side against theirs, may the best tanks win!

Since it’s against other actual people (not the computer), each battle is very different even if the map is the same and the general equipment being used is the same.  That makes it a lot of fun.

You start out with light equipment that is ineffective and hard to get anywhere with.  The good news is that you are mostly pitted against other new players who are in the same boat.  This lets you learn to operate the basic controls (which aren’t too difficult, but take some level of patience to get good at).  Eventually, you’ll earn enough credits in the game (through kills, partial kills, and experience) to purchase an upgraded tank.

You move through the tiers of armor by buying better equipment for your own tank and then eventually getting the research done to go up a notch to the next one.  All of this can be done for free with only game play experience used.  Things go a little faster if you spend actual money and speed up some of the processes – I recommend that if you can spend a few dollars a week, you purchase gold and use it to maximize your crew’s training on each tank.  This speeds up the process (and puts you ahead of 90% of the other players).  For $15, I fully upgraded the crews on three tanks.  That’s pretty cheap and worked out to about $1.50/hour in game play going through those tiers.

The tanks themselves are of three different nationalities and all WWII-based.  There are American, German, and Russian tanks in light, medium, and heavy as well as artillery (SPG or Self-Propelled Guns) and Tank Killers (TKs).  Each requires a different playing style, so there’s not only something for everyone, but there’s opportunity to refresh and change up.  I personally play artillery most often and medium tanks otherwise.

It’s great fun and well worth the FREE DOWNLOAD to get it.