Fighting Back

Obamacare’s Waterloo

Passing Obamacare

I’m an emotional person. I have a tendency to believe I can do anything, despite how hard it might be, or how many times I see it clearly cannot be done. America is mine to live in, fully and enthusiastically, and I want it to do right by me, and I’ll return the favor.
My work as a citizen of this great country is geared towards one goal and, with help, I’ll run it down like a bull: relentlessly, powerfully, and surely. The Bull isn’t afraid; the Bull won’t stand obstacles…unlike the one on Wall Street (Honestly, don’t you wish the people who have money had more balls? Their behavior is like splashing when you pee, then screaming a la Linda Blair in a 70’s horror film).
The Bull is playing to win, its’ fury is unmatched, and its chances of winning are much greater than yours if you happen to be in its way. It’s coming for you hard, whether you like it or not…
Replacing Obamacare is what I’m charging towards; I am clear on the damage it will do to our nation, and clear that I have developed a vastly better alternative. Obamacare seeks to permanently harm our financial capabilities and individual rights, and I am certain it will suffer a crushing defeat at our hands. We never voted for it, asked for it, or needed it. We needed the price of health insurance to drop…that’s all. We needed to be able to afford to care for our bodies, and the bodies of the ones we love. We wanted to die only when all attempts had been exhausted; when there was no alternative.
Since health insurers now make more money than at any time in the history of history, this should not have been a tall order…
No one wants to sacrifice quality of life to prolong it, yet that is exactly what Obamacare asks us to do. The assumption that Americans must buy full coverage health insurance to live longer and healthier is a false one, and only advanced by those who profit from presenting Obamacare or the status quo as our only 2 choices.
Americans live on our feet, not on our knees, and a life full of adventure…and love…and faith…and pain…and pleasure is worth more to us than one protected against extremely unlikely circumstances, whether government requires it or not.
GOVERNMENT MANDATES INCREASE THE COST OF HEALTH INSURANCE because they require we buy coverage for things we will never need, effectively giving money to insurers for providing no financial protection in return. I am a man, so government should not force me to buy protection from the cost of mammograms. My daughter does not need protection from costs associated with pregnancy, and neither does my wife or my son. The fact that Obamacare has added so many new mandates demonstrates how far our government will go to exert its own power to benefit insurance companies.
GIVING HEALTH INSURERS MORE MONEY WILL NOT REDUCE HOW MUCH THEY CHARGE. This is a ridiculous notion that Obamacare’s proponents claim, they have no proof to back it up, and I dare them to try. I suspect that, absent the federal government taking money from its citizens and giving it directly to health insurers, insurance companies would have lost more customers as they increased premiums and, eventually, been forced to lower profits as more Americans reject their one-size-fits-all method of covering medical expenses.  I know this is exactly how America’s economic system functions, and believe in the power of our purchasing decisions to shape our economy – the power our government is taking for itself through this law.
As the 11th circuit court said in ruling the individual mandate unconstitutional: “the individual mandate is breathtaking in its expansive scope. It regulates those who have not entered the health care market at all. It regulates those who have entered the health care market, but have not entered the insurance market (and have no intention of doing so). It is over-inclusive in when it regulates: it conflates those who presently consume health care with those who will not consume health care for many years into the future. The government’s position amounts to an argument that the mere fact of an individual’s existence substantially affects interstate commerce, and therefore Congress may regulate them at every point of their life. This theory affords no limiting principles in which to confine Congress’s enumerated power”
OBAMACARE EXCHANGES WILL NOT INCREASE COMPETITION AND WILL, IN FACT, ELIMINATE COMPETITION.  There are 40 states where one insurance company has a monopoly on the market, and the rest have two dominant carriers. Monopolies exert control by undercutting competitor prices to gain market share, then raising them once the competition is rendered helpless. The exchanges, because they increase competition on pricing and reduce competition in every other area where insurers could compete, will support this strategy for every dominant insurer in the country. The product insurers sell IS money, and the largest ones have the cash reserves available to absorb losses to gain providers and individuals…the supply and the demand of the health care marketplace. When they have control over each entity, they increase costs and reduce benefits for BOTH sides. They have been doing this for YEARS, and this is the primary reason our premiums are so high.
Even for those who wanted single payer, I’m sure they didn’t want it brought to them by Blue Cross or United Healthcare. Out of all options talked about during the drafting of Obamacare, this is the worst possible outcome, and now the most likely.
Remember when AT&T had dominion over telecommunications…when we had to pay a per-minute charge to call another area code, even if it was only a few miles away? Due to competition and new technological developments, we can now make calls for free to anywhere in the US. The old AT&T would not have cut into its own profit to deliver that, even in the internet age, and would have fought Americans having that capability tooth and nail.
The insurance industry will not be any different in protecting its monopolies; it is their job to make more profit this year than the last. Unfortunately, the federal government chose not to address monopoly as the biggest reason for premium increases. Instead, they chose to take money from corporations and citizens to address a problem (the uninsured) that represents about $54 billion dollars of a $2.5 trillion dollar health care economy…or about 2%.
That’s right…they used a $54 billion dollar problem to give themselves the ability to take money from Americans because we didn’t buy something, and then give that money directly to the companies whose product we decided not to buy. It’s less money than 3 years’ worth of air conditioning for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
If the federal government can take our money for that, they can for anything. The main difference between the government serving us, and us serving government, is them having this ability. A tax, by definition, is a piece of the action; the individual mandate is outright theft, even if they say it’s for our own good…
Again, from the 11th circuit court ruling: “Ultimately, the government’s struggle to articulate cognizable, judicially administrable limiting principles only reiterates the conclusion we reach today: there are none. . . . This economic mandate represents a wholly novel and potentially unbounded assertion of congressional authority: the ability to compel Americans to purchase an expensive health insurance product they have elected not to buy, and to make them repurchase that insurance product every month for their entire lives.”
…and I’m angry as hell they even tried. I’m not leaving my children with a government that cares so little about the rights of its’ citizens. The creators of PPACA will soon know that they messed with the wrong dad, and the wrong American.
I’m coming after you, Obamacare. Each time an American reads my book, watches my speeches, listens to my interviews, or reads my articles, they will learn a better way than yours to protect their exposure to medical expenses and, together, we will defeat you. No amount of fear mongering by your supporters will save you, for I am the most powerful type of human being on the planet:
I am an American citizen.
In combating oppressive government, I am undefeated. In inspiring people to action, I am a beacon of hope. In demonstrating my anger, I am fearsome and fearless. This is God’s country, and I am its keeper.  And, on this day, I am the bull, nostrils flared, gaze fixed, muscles taut, fury unleashed, and eager to kick your bloated butt.
You will soon feel the tip of my horns bore into the heart of all 2409 pages…and our government will fear its people once again.
-Glenn Morton
P.S. For those who are against Obamacare: When I come to you, and tell you that it’s time to reach the goal you know in your heart will make our country better, and will give us the ability to restore the power of our purchasing decisions, our vote, and our voices…what will you do? Will you be strong like a bull? Will you contribute to victory?
Then buy the book, read it, and share it with others. We will only win if you are educated on what the better solution is, and why it’s better. I wrote it to be an easy read (and it’s very funny in parts), but it is at heart a call to action. We need to move now before it’s too late. We have this election season, and that’s it. The legal system is conflicted; we are not. We will not win if we don’t present American with a better alternative, because Americans are at our best when we are FOR something, not just against something else…
…and failure is not an option.