Militant Rants

It’s the Dumbasses That Are Destroying America

Mili Note: I originally sent this to an email list that an acquaintance runs.  The thread was about how the “Teabaggers”, the “DUMBOCRAPS” and “liberals” are destroying our country.  This was my one-off response to everyone, since the way I see it, anyone who chooses sides in that kind of inanity needs their face slapped into reality. The swear words altered below were changed by the list’s owner, since I rarely censor myself in these rants.

Mostly what I’m seeing here are a lot of ignoramuses who are too blind to see that Democrap, Republicant and Teabagger mean nothing. All of these jackboots are the same. The only thing that changes is their justification for screwing you over.

The Republicans tell you that we need to keep the evil terrorists at bay via endless war that is endlessly funded. The Democrats tell you that we must save our nation by instituting public healthcare that will require endless funding. The Teabaggers tell you that we must get rid of this public healthcare and “restore liberty” and that this will likely require endless funding.

So you can vote Republican and pretend that this will bring America more freedom – all we have to do is keep committing ourselves to endless foreign excursions. You can vote Democrat and think that this will bring America more prosperity because all of our healthcare will be “universal” – all we have to do is keep throwing money into the healthcare system. You can vote for the Tea Party candidate and hope that this will bring us more liberty by removing the burden of high taxes via healthcare so that we can keep fighting evil terrorists through endless foreign excursions.

Wake up, morons. All three of these groups are now in office in Washington, DC. See any change happening? What have those Tea Party replacements that got sent to Congress to “send a message” done? Not a f+&king thing.

You can’t fix a broken, corrupt, sold out system by sending different people in to use the broken, corrupt, sold out system to fix said broken, corrupt, sold out system.

Keep doing what you’ve always done (vote) and keep getting what you’ve always got (f*#ked).

Let’s DUMP DC! Work locally, at your own county and state level, and forget national politics. Let them sink themselves. They’re doing a damn good job of it. Meanwhile, if you’re lucky enough to live in a state that isn’t bankrupt (or can move to one), work on getting it to become self-reliant and tell DC to leave you alone.

That process is well underway here where I live in Wyoming and is also happening in Montana, Texas, and Arizona.

It ain’t being done by wasting time marching for votes on the latest fartknocker running for president or trying to become the next congresscritter. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who’s seriously running for any national office is automatically fit for diagnosis as a control freak sociopath who deserves a rubber room.