Militant Rants

Wyoming Knows

I got an email from my Congresscritter, Cynthia Lummis.  She conducted a poll on her site.  Here’s what constituents had to say:

Last week, I sent out a survey asking what you thought Washington should focus on first to get Americans back to work. I am thankful for your overwhelming response and appreciate the time you took to share your ideas.

I thought you might want to take a look at the results collected after a week’s worth of submissions:



More government stimulus (9.4%)
A balanced budget (12.7%)
More taxes (3.6%)
Less government regulation (45.3%)
Tax reform (16.3%)
Other (12.7%)


Now I will tell you where these answers came from, so you can not only learn a little about the people of Wyoming, but also why these answers were given.

The 9.4% who want govenrment stimulus are Yellowstone visitors and people who live in Jackson Hole (aka Little California).  Neither of those are in Lummis’ district.  The rest will be federal government workers who live in Cheyenne and work at the VA, the Post Office, and the Air National Guard base.

The 12.7% who want a balanced budget are Republicans who actually bother attending GOP meetings.  I generally refer to them as “Grand Old Poops.”

The 3.6% who want more taxes are in government.  Mostly in non-elected, bureaucratic management-style jobs.  Either that or they’re people who don’t pay taxes to begin with.

Less government regulation, which makes up the bulk here at 45.3%, are the majority of Wyomingites.  People here are generally cantankerous about all things red tape.  For people who are generally never in a hurry, it’s funny that Wyo’s often get peeved when their slow-down is due to bureaucracy or government.

The 16.3% for tax reform are those who probably own successful businesses and pay a lot of tax to the feds thanks to the miles of rules the IRS has created in order to double-tax business owners.

The last 12.7% are people like me who probably chose “Other” and put in something like “Seceed” or “Dump DC” or similar.  I’ve found that there are a surprising number of people like this here.  Through an “” sticker I saw on a pickup truck here in the little town I live in, I met someone who meets with several other someones regularly at various venues to include the American Legion Post , the VFW, etc.

So now you know what’s going on in the Cowboy State.