Militant Rants

Fair warming: I was paid to do this review via Fiverr, where I still have an open job that lets people pay me to make fun of their political campaign/site/views/etc.

So this guy wants me to look at his website.  The name is a good start.  I figured “Great.. it’s called Fort Liberty. How am I supposed to make fun of that?”  Then I saw the Rick Perry ad.  Wow.  Just hand the target to me and say “blast this, please.”  Too easy.

So.. Rick Perry is prominently displayed on Fort Liberty as an advertisement.  It’s put there on purpose, as far as I can tell, since it isn’t a Google AdSense or some other automated thing.  It’s just a big graphic that goes to Rick Perry’s website (which I won’t link to ‘cuz he didn’t pay me $5).

Do I really need to make fun of Perry?  Really?  I mean, the only thing to like about the guy is the fact that he’s been seen chomping on a giant corndog like a closet homo in a mask at a gay bar on a Saturday night.  You know.. pretty much GW’s weekend retreat when Barb was out shopping with the kids.

So anyway, once I got past the Rick roll ad, I had to find something else.  I like his Quotes for Twitter post, which is currently at the top as the latest.  It has some great sub-140 quotes from various sources on a lot of liberty-oriented things.

The next post after that is about the New York Times being left-leaning editorially and then something about food stamps making people fat.  I would have thought that the NYT’s slant has been pretty obvious for two decades or more and that food stamps, being high in fiber, would be non-fattening.

A lot of Fort Liberty’s editorial, however, is based on “Rule of Law.”  I find this a laughable term – almost as funny as Russel Crow’s “Liberty by law!” line in Robin Hood.  It’s one of those phrases that means basically nothing since it’s self-contradictory.  (That’s a nice way of saying “oxymoron”)

Rule of Law supposedly means that you are ruled by laws.  Laws can’t rule anybody.  They’re just things written or said by people to control other people.  Someone with a threat of violence has to actually enFORCE the law.  So the rule is actually by the law enforcer, not by the law itself.  That, as we’ve all seen, leads to the enforcers becoming the rulers.  So Rule of Law becomes a mantra used to justify the enforcers who jackboot everyone else into submission.

That, in a nutshell, is Fort Liberty. On the up side, it’s better than reading through or one of those other tripe “movement” sites with their senseless entitlement spiels.