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FBI agents goaded, financed “model-plane bomber”

from The Guardian

FBI faces entrapment questions over Rezwan Ferdaus bomb plot arrestSting operation to arrest physics graduate, 26, raises concerns that US Muslims might be targeted using entrapment techniques.

The dramatic arrest of a man in Massachusetts accused of plotting to crash explosive-filled miniature airplanes into the US Capitol and the Pentagon has sparked fresh concerns that the FBI might be using entrapment techniques aimed at Muslims in America.

Rezwan Ferdaus, a 26-year-old US citizen and physics graduate who lived at home with his parents in Ashland, near Boston, was the target of an FBI sting in which he bought a miniature aircraft that he planned to outfit as a flying bomb.

Ferdaus, who is being held without bail, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Boston on Thursday. The six-count indictment – which also covered his alleged efforts to provide support and resources for al-Qaida groups attacking US troops abroad – said he “planned to commit acts of violence against the United States” with the goal of “decapitating” the nation’s military center “and killing as many ‘kafirs’ [non-believers] as possible.” A detention hearing has been set for October 3.

However, some legal organisations and Muslim groups have questioned whether Ferdaus, whose activities were carried out with two undercover FBI agents posing as terrorists, would have been able to carry out such a sophisticated plot if left to his own devices. In numerous previous cases in the US, the FBI has been accused of over-zealousness in its investigations and of entrapping people into terror plots who might otherwise not have carried out an attack.

“It deeply concerns us. It is another in a pattern of high-profile cases. Would this person have conceived or executed this plot without the influence of the FBI?” said Heidi Boghosian, president of the National Lawyers Guild.

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And yet nothing an FBI agent did or said could “gaod” me into planing to bomb DC. In fact if this happened to me I would run, not walk, to the police to report the “goader”. Why didn’t Ferdaus report this? How far does the Guardian reporter have to bend over backwards to make this case? has the guardian ever been guilty of supporting extremist and terrorists in the past? LOL (sorry that’s not a fair question, the guardian is the spokesperson for terrorism.)


You should qualify that with “..the Guardian is the spokesperson for terrorism according to Rush Limbaugh.”

The FBI worked this the same way they did with the last one and the one before that. The question isn’t whether the guy “went along with it.” The question is: WHY IS THE FBI CREATING TERRORISTS SO IT CAN BUST THEM?

You sort of missed that point, obviously. Isn’t the FBI supposed to be catching current terrorists? Why are they having to make them, set them up, then bust them then?


Have you actually read the Guardian? They are the spokes-media for the terrorists. Can you really believe they are fair and balanced?

Are you saying if the FBI “goaded” you into bombing DC you would do it? Who would? Only someone who was predisposed to do this would do what Ferdaus did.


Pay attention. I’ll type slow this time so maybe you’ll get it:

W H Y I S T H E F B I “G O A D I N G” A N Y O N E A T A L L?

For what reason do they have to “make” terrorists in order to arrest them? Could it be because there are no real terrorists? Or is it because they’re too stupid to find any? Maybe it’s just easier to find disaffected, unhappy young men, set them up, give them all the tools that can later e used as evidence against them, and then bust them and get the headlines?


I don’t give a shit whether or not the kid took the bait and I’m not arguing over whether the Guardian is a credible news source. I’m asking a simple question: why does the FBI have to manufacture terrorists so it can arrest them?

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