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In Response To a Comment & Question On My Position About Ron Paul

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This Monday morning I received a two-paragraph comment in response to my article titled “Is Wishy-Washy The Requirement To Be President?” Specifically, the respondent wants to know why I’m not a supporter of Ron Paul. Further, relating to another article wanting to know more on my thoughts, relative to what the reader describes as “how our President can seemingly murder any of us if he suspects we are the bad guy, no charges, no judge, no jury, no trial.”

Out of the 150,000-plus comments I have received, spam and otherwise, this is the kind of comment I appreciate receiving, because it gives some thought addressing the specific subject. I will be posting this particular response in my Recent Comment section.

I’m well aware that my views on a variety of subjects are frequently out of the mainstream, however I do try to be consistent, and my core stance on anything relates to the Philosophy of Freedom. I’m vehemently opposed to Socialism.

Having said that, I will explain my position on Ron Paul. I have written several articles about Ron Paul in the past. I’m in agreement with Ron Paul on many of the issues he espouses, like his stance on the wars this country is involved in, economics, and social issues. However, in my opinion he talks the talk and does not walk the walk.

He has been an elected politician, in a position of power for twelve terms, i.e., twenty-four years, as a representative from Texas. During that time this country has rapidly slid down the road into Socialism. My question is, what has he done to halt or even slow down the demise of this country away from the principles upon which it was founded?
It’s old hat news he has promoted the notion of auditing the Federal Reserve.

From all I read and hear, Ron Paul has more expertise about economics than the average politician, and supports the Austrian school of economics, and the ideas Von Mises written about in his book, “Human Action,” as I do. Instead of spending time on auditing the Fed, why not attack the core of the economic problem and seek to repeal the graduated income tax. At least repeal the “graduated clause” enacted in 1913?

The saddest thing about Ron Paul is he talks about some areas of solution, but what has he ever accomplished during his 24 year tenure? Many of his supporters make excuses for his lack of accomplishments by saying, “Well, he’s just one person, and can’t get others in Congress to support his ideas.” Therein lies the crux of his problem. Everyone, inside and outside the Beltway, is just one person. Why is it Ron Paul, a seasoned politician, who recognizes many of the problems, has never accomplished anything in his position of power? If his problem is because he’s just one person, and has been unable to persuade others to support his ideas after 24 years, what is the basis for thinking he can convince anyone to support his ideas as President?

There is no question he has a greater comprehension, relative to the problems we face in this Country, than most, but obviously does not have the powers of persuasion to convince others in Congress to go along and support him. Therefore, what does he continue to do aside from just talking about the issues? If he did, after twenty-four years occupying a position of power, this country would not be in the “ditch” we’re in.

Particularly, at this juncture, when the last election placed a number of “conservatives” in seats of power, seems to me he would have enough in agreement, with his policies to at least make some meaningful changes, inasmuch as he is so informed about the problems. But obviously lacks the powers of persuasion necessary to “sell” his ideas, because conditions continue going from bad to worse. In my opinion, Ron Paul is a politician who “can tell it but can’t sell it.” Therefore the question, is not why don’t I write in support of him, but rather, why the millions of his supporters keep supporting him when he does not have a record of accomplishments after twenty-four years in office?

Too much is at stake, to keep supporting anyone who has been in a position of retaining and sustaining the Principles upon which this Nation was founded, to continue dilly-dallying around, spending time, money and effort with a candidate who has had a chance to enforce those Principles as outlined in the Constitution, and has failed miserably to make a difference, as outpictured in the conditions we face today.

I’m a writer, and not a political activist. I support individual Freedom, Private Property ownership, and the Free-enterprising, Capitalistic system. During my lifetime I have actively stood up and fought for issues of Principles I stood for as an individual, however, I’m not groupy, but have had no qualms about fighting for my beliefs, and acting to change, as an individual.

For example, in the seventies, when my son was in school here in Georgia there was a law of forced immunizations. I’m opposed to forced immunizations. As a result of my opposition, he was kicked out of school, because I did not present a shot record and refused to present information of my rejection based upon some “recognized religious organization.” I simply kept him home and schooled him myself. A truant officer visited and informed me I would be arrested for defiance of the compulsory school laws.

I could not adhere to the attendance laws because of my opposition to immunizations. And I could not afford to be in jail, because raising my child, non-immunized, was a higher priority. Therefore I retained the best lawyer I knew and filed a lawsuit in federal court against the state and the educational system that required forced immunizations. I was a divorced mother living in the country, belonging to no organizations, standing totally alone, up against the power of the state. Mine was a determined stance and I battled the state in federal court and won. My son at seven years old was reinstated in school under a federal court order, without immunizations, and further ordered the law in Georgia changed. I bore the expense of the lawsuit totally alone, and my child finished high school without ever being immunized for anything.

I tell this story to show what “one person” can do if their belief in a thing is important enough to stand up and battle for it. And to show that the excuse some Ron Paul supporters promote, for his lack of accomplishments, based on the notion he’s only one person, is inexcusable.

I have yet to see any list of accomplishments of Ron Paul as a twenty-four year elected Congressman that in any way, shape, form or fashion, changed anything one iota in this country.

With reference to the commenters mentioning Ron Paul “speaks about Freedom all the time,” I would appreciate his informing me where and when in the last three debates he has discussed the subject of Freedom.

In my second part of this article I will discuss his second issue, which relates to current actions of the current President.


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Anne Cleveland

Hi Aaron, My eternal gratitude For re-print of my article, and thinking, I have said something worth-while to re-print.
Plus all you do to tell it like it is, and promote other writers , whose common thread is to counter, all the propaganda, designed to destroy individual freedom and private property ownership Rights.

As for myself, I!m sorta like , ‘popeye”– I eats my spinach and fights to the finish.

Have a great day. Anne Cleveland


Thanks for writing it, Anne! You articulated something here that I’ve been trying to say for quite a while.


Which diseases did you not want to protect your children from?

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