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CAFR School: What Is A Commingled Fund?

A CAFR rant for the Occupy Wall Street crowd!

I’d like to introduce you to the $64 billion and $23 billion dollar “mutual funds” in California, called Commingled funds. These funds are in all states, with federal U.S. CODE creating them through the state treasurer, and are usually called the Public or State Treasurer’s Investment Fund.

Even as California claims to be broke, these funds are growing strong… making hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in investment returns.

-Clint Richardson


Militant Libertarian

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John and Dagny Galt

CAFR numbers are part and parcel of the cooked-books illusions of faux-digit value. Those digits would plummet and vaporize were they to hit the streets. Wall Street, Main Street, CAFR, and federal and state governments ALL have cooked their books and created trillions in faux-digits. Go ahead, put them on sale…let them hit the pavement! Fire Sale Indeed! Talk about Toxic Assets, hahaha! Welcome to the Grand Illusion that is the Money-Master Prison-Planet Global-Gulag American Empire of Terror. What will happen when the 6.7 billion OTHER inhabitants of the earth decide they have had ENOUGH of the Great American Global Murderfest? Everyone on the planet is Anwar Awlaki and Sammy Weaver now…

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