Militant Rants

Government Motors Not Required To Honor Warranties

Government Motors – which exclaims that it is independent of the U.S. government and is, in fact, the good ol’ automaker we all know and “love”, GENERAL Motors – is using its status as GOVERNMENT “Bailout Queen” Motors to dismiss lawsuits over problems with more than 400,000 vehicles because those were all made before their bankruptcy and name change to GOVERNMENT Motors.  I mean “New GM.”

According to Reuters, “New GM” claims that it is not required to repair all of the vehicles affected, but only those which need repairs “subject to conditions and limitations.”

According to some recent court decisions on behalf of Auto Bailout Queens Chrysler and GM, the claim by “New GM” is right.  They don’t have to.  Government says so.

Isn’t that lovely?  So if you “bought American” because you thought you were helping out Joe Laborer at the factory, you just got another good taste of what that red-white-and-blue clap-trap is all about.  Joe Labor (Union) is now a majority stakeholder in Government Motors and has basically told anyone who purchased their cars before the bailouts to go screw.

Of course, they deserved the money because it “saved jobs”.  Right?  We had to keep American auto manufacturing running so we didn’t lose out to those foreigners with their better engineering and cheaper labor.  Right?!

Well, if that’s the case, why couldn’t we just keep Ford and let GM and Chrysler fall by the wayside like they deserved?

This, folks, is why you’ll find a Honda and a Toyota in my driveway.  I haven’t owned an American car in years and have no plans to get one in the future either.

Oh, and for you “Made in America” morons, put down your beer and read this report from ABC.  My Toyota is more American-made than your Ford.  HA!