USA: Police State

Cops saw video of deadly incident with Kelly Thomas before writing reports

Supervisors allowed Fullerton officers involved in a violent confrontation with a homeless man to view the footage to help them write up accounts of the incident. A former LAPD official calls it a ‘bad practice.’

by Richard Winton and Abbey Sewell, LA Times

Fullerton’s acting police chief acknowledged Thursday that the department had allowed police officers involved in a deadly encounter with a homeless man to watch a video that captures the incident before writing their reports about it.

Acting Chief Kevin Hamilton said supervisors allowed the review so that the officers would have a chance to refresh their memory and write an accurate account of the incident involving Kelly Thomas.

But the practice is at odds with the way many other police departments deal with serious use-of-force cases. The LAPD’s former inspector general, Jeffrey Eglash, said that allowing police to look at video before giving evidence is a “bad practice.”

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