Laughter's Medicine

TrustoCorp Brings its Street Art Satire to Soho Gallery

by Benjamin Sutton, LMag

Yesterday TrustoCorp—that shadowy organization known for putting up derisive signs,productsmagazinesmonuments and businesses all around town—opened its first gallery show in a couple years at Opera Gallery in Soho. The exhibition, titled Life Cycle and on view through November 11, features a few familiar works but mostly brand new pieces, with foods and games being the dominant formats for the groups searing satire.

While adopting the appearance of vintage advertising and product design, the works on view attack contemporary greed in ways both funny and, sometimes, powerfully blunt. A fake board game called “The Game of Life in Prison,” for instance, undercuts its tone of kistchy Americana with brutal directions like “Forced to join a gang, skip 3 years,” and “You’re a minority, go back 2 years.” A spinning wheel game called “How Will You Die” offers potential end-life scenarios, including “morbid obesity,” “zombie apocalypse” and “old age.”

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