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Veteran’s Day Video Tribute

These are music videos based on songs that honor our veterans for sacrifices made to defend us from enemies foreign and domestic and to illustrate the futility of foreign engagements and warfare itself.

The first is Iron Maiden singing one of the most poignant songs of war you’ll ever hear.  It’s based on the British experience of World War I on the Belgian front, Paschendale:

The second is System of a Down singing a song that seems directly aimed at GW Bush and the neo-con warmongers of the time, and especially their supporters.  Soldier Side:

The next is another Iron Maiden tune, this one focused on the Crimean War and specifically on the miscommunication-induced slaughter that Alfred Tennyson memorialized in The Charge of the Light Brigade (words from which appear in the video).  Here’s The Trooper:

Finally, one of the most touching of the bunch, is a song that was made famous by its appearance in Mel Gibson’s excellent movie We Were Soldiers, based on the very awesome biographical book We Were Soldiers Once, And Young by Harold G. Moore and his account of the first major conflict of the Americans in Vietnam.  The song is actually about World War I when a young sergeant of the Royal Highlands stayed behind to defend fallen members of his unit and fell to German bayonets.  His grandson Joseph Kilna MacKenzie wrote the song in his honor, Sgt. MacKenzie: