Militant Rants

28 MMJ Cultivation Center Applications In DEA’s Back Yard

by Aaron Turpen, CannaCentral

While the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Department of “Justice” (DOJ) are busy harassing and prosecuting medical marijuana businesses on the other side of the country, 28 applications for cultivation centers have been submitted in D.C.

The backyard of the federal agencies may soon be filled with “factories” (cultivation centers) for medical cannabis. Most of the sites, thanks to the heavy restraints on locale given by local D.C. rules, are clustered in one small area of the District – 24 of the 28 are in a single Ward. An area that is not exactly the best D.C. has to offer in terms of crime and illicit drugs.

So the usual suspects of fear mongers and naysayers are out in force to oppose the marijuana “factory” sites. Equating MMJ to “prostitutes” and “crime.” They’re asking who’ll “provide security” for these businesses and why they’re applying to be located directly across from a “gentleman’s club” and in the same (rented) building as churches.

No one, of course, is questioning the way the zoning laws and application costs rendered many options out of reach of the proposed cannabis cultivation centers.

Public meetings regarding the sites and applications are being held with two more to happen this month. The city is required to make final decisions in December.

Meanwhile, with all of their agents busy thousands of miles away, the DEA had no comments regarding the “pot factories” that are about to begin setting up in their own back yard.

I guess it’s easier to jackboot when you’re nowhere near your own neighborhood.


[via NBC Washington]