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Edgar Steele sentenced at extended hearing, observer report, 11/9/2011

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Today, Mr. Steele was sentenced to a prison term of 600 months.  That’s 50 years.  Judge Winmill – who presided over the kangaroo court in Boise earlier this year – indicated the federal sentencing guidelines otherwise recommended a prison term of 720 months — 60 years.

Just after 9:00am the hearing (pretty much a formality) to announce sentence lasted until approximately 12:20pm, over an hour later the expected conclusion.   This first-hand observation of the serious blow to all the work we have done continues to prove two unequivocal facts:  the Amerikan Judiciary, prosecutorial, FBI and policing agencies are corrupt and in collusion, and the public print and broadcast Media is overwhelmingly pro-system, running interference for said entities.

After the court preliminaries were discussed and initial prosecution and defense housekeeping was dealt with, Mrs. Cyndi Steele was given a chance to speak to the court.  Her prepared statements would have run an hour (or more) all told, had Judge Winmill not interrupted twice, first to advise her that revisiting any Boise trial issues was not pertinent, whereupon he interrupted a second time to essentially shut her down before she had spoke her mind.  Mrs. Steele talked much about her relationship and history with Edgar, their children, their lives.  She made emphatic, directed comments to AUSA Whelan, FBI Agent Sotka and even the court.  Much of the time she held her emotions from overflowing; still, her supporters could do little but watch as she verbally dressed-down the real victimizers in the room.

The Edgar Steele Defense Fund Board attended, along with 6 other dedicated pro-Steele supporters.  There may have been some Larry Fairfax proponents in the courtroom, but this was not confirmed.  The local Media was strongly represented.  US Marshal’s staff, FBI agents were also present.  Mr. Steele wore a white sweater over his bright-orange jail clothes.  At least they did not have K-9 units patrolling the parking lot, though there seemed to be more US Marshals in attendance than at prior hearings in Coeur d’Alene.

When Ms. Whelan spoke to the court, there was an uncanny “chummy” feel about the back-and-forth between her and Judge Winmill.  She and the Judge are consummate masters of presenting their dirty deeds with a polished luster of authority and truthful fairness.  Ms. Whelan registered a soft complaint about the pointed remarks that Mrs. Steele had directed her way.

When Edgar’s attorney Wes Hoyt was asked to take the podium, he announced Mr. Steele would present his allocution to the court.

The next 40 minutes was spellbinding, and numerous times the room was hear-a-pin-drop silent, except for  Mr. Steele’s voice.   He enumerated the many lies, deceits and illegal/unconstitutional machinations that he had experienced right from the point he was arrested 6/11/2010.  Twice during this span, Judge Winmill  interrupted, once to “advise” that Mr. Steele’s revisiting of the Boise trial issues was not pertinent, and then to announce a recess – along with his concern that this hearing was “running over its expected time-frame”.   Mr. Steele firmly stood up to the Judge saying he would speak his mind at length, no matter how long it took.  There was a 15 minute break.

Mr. Steele resumed his presentation, very often looking back at his wife, at various members of the court.  There were many times his criticisms – even damnations – flew directly at the Judge, who sometimes appeared attentive, sometimes distracted.  Frequently he drove home the point that since he had not been heard speaking on his own behalf up to this moment, it was nigh time that he speak out.  ”What’s wrong with this picture. . . Judge??” followed many topics he addressed.

As he had done with Mrs. Steele, Judge Winmill interrupted this segment perhaps 3 times, the last of which to draw a 15-minute limit (Edgar had been speaking for an additional 35 or so minutes).  Mr. Steele did firmly proclaim his innocence and did state he believed all the charges should be reversed and that he be released.

It’s worth focusing on elements of what Mr. Steele incorporated in his courtroom speech:

  • a summary of the evidence which the judge had kept secret from both the public and the jury, evidence which came out of two days of pretrial evidentiary Rule 702 “Daubert” hearings, that the recordings were plainly fabricated in a sound laboratory, that the voice on those putative recordings had been proven to not be his voice and the judge knew this and prevented the jury from hearing that evidence through court procedures, side bars, held in secret which Ed was never allowed to attend
  • a reminder to those in the audience that Fairfax’s cell-mate testified at trial that the FBI had paid Fairfax to “set up Edgar Steele”
  • a reminder to us that no firm ground had ever been established that there was federal jurisdiction for the case: Fairfax had been paid by the FBI to cross state lines to establish that jurisdiction, a fact which was revealed during the trial
  • showed how the prosecution bounced from motive to motive until they found one that might be convincing: one Ukrainian girlfriend out of fifty Ukrainian “girlfriends” who were to be part of an exposure of the seamy underworld international sex trade
  • exposed how the judge ruled, wrongly and arbitrarily, at important points in the trial, in ways which
    steered the trial toward conviction rather than toward an exposure of the truth
  • presented this allocution with the purpose of exposing, for the first time in public, the powerful case which he could have presented at trial had the court not prevented him from doing so through means which mimic the show trials in the Soviet Union
  • exposed the complete corruption of the court system, proving that a fair trial is impossible in a United States District Court. It showed that neither the judges nor the prosecutors are interested in justice, finding the truth through legal processes or seeking a fair trial. Rather they have other motives at which we can only speculate
  • the bugging of attorney client conferences by the US Marshal service and then sending the recordings to both the prosecutor and the judge, showing the impossibility of a fair trial when these formerly protected communications are given to the prosecutor
  • pointed out that he was framed, cleverly and thoroughly and the court went along with the script, making sure than any evidence which illustrated this or proved the incriminating evidence to be false was never heard by the jury.

It was tense as various attendees looked to the rear of the courtroom to the clock on the wall, trying to track when this last time limit would be reached.  Mr. Steele noted he had many pages of allocution statements, then ended his comment at what seemed the moment the Judge would have perhaps forced him to take his seat.

Back to his “move-it-along” pushing, the Judge went through the sentencing guidelines, appeal and other housekeeping.  After confirming no further responses from prosecution or defense, he had Mr. Steele stand (Cyndi also stood in the observer’s area) and pronounced sentence.

It was a very dark moment for our camp.

When the adjournment was announced, as people shuffled out of the court, Mrs. Steele with great upset and passion, loudly made her thoughts clear.  After 10 minutes in the hallway outside the courtroom – where Media people hovered to see if they could pounce on Mrs. Steele, the court staff began prodding people to leave.

Here are some points that this writer made mental note of to recount here:

  1. AUSA Whelan and colleague USA Mark Haas had at the ready their prosecution press releases, which they handed out in “old friends” fashion to Media, as if the master was giving bones to the dogs around his feet.  This was soon after attendees exited the court.
  2. During Mr. Steele’s allocution, perhaps 3 times he turned and emphatically pointed to 2 US Marshal men who were behind him as he stood at the podium, tongue-lashing them for snickering audibly when the manufactured Fairfax recordings were discussed.  ”Right… go ahead and snicker” (or similar) was angrily sent their way.
  3. In these many hearings Judge Winmill has presided over, he shows a pattern of sometimes rambling about his judicial supervision of the hearing flow, even sometimes deftly inserting a snide comment in subtle fashion.  He did this when talking about Mr. Steele having “3 years court supervision upon his release”.  This was so patently absurd, thinking that at age 116 Edgar would be released and have need for such supervision.
  4. Just before the hearing was closed, Mrs. Steele’s attorney asked if she could have a few moments contact with her husband before all parties went their way.  The Judge turned this over to the US Marshals in the court.  Eventually no such last contact was granted.
  5. Exiting the courthouse, now 4, maybe 5 Media outlets had set up cameras some dozen yards from the entrance, at the ready to get footage of Mrs. Steele’s heightened emotion as she walked with her attorney to the parking lot.  She brusquely stated “No Comment!” and drove away.
  6. The Media remained to interview the prosecution team, appearing a gaggle of peas in a pod.  When Media reports are linked here on FES, the viewer will have full chance to see their for-show babble about “justice has been served, a guilty man has received his punishment”.
  7. During his presentation, Mr. Steele clearly and strongly said “I am a political prisoner”.
  8. ADL (“Anti-defamation league” — a pro-Jewish attack dog group) involvement with the judicial agencies was mentioned, pointing to their clear motive to vilify then silence Mr. Steele’s First Amendment rights.

Dear Amerikan “System”:  you’ve won a significant battle.  But you have not won the war.  Your illegality and rogue targeting of citizenry in the nation once called America will be exposed in full.  Edgar Steele will be exonerated and freed.  For now, bask in your connivance, celebrate that you operate a dirty machine with evil intent, all behind the mask of continuing to buffalo the public.