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High Political Heresay

Original.. uhh.. art.. from HPH. Click to enlarge.

I was asked to look at a website called High Political Heresay.  It’s a political satire site with some cool political cartoons, but it’s confusing as hell.  Probably because the guy who writes the thing has all of the beer cans, but is missing the plastic thing to hold them all together.  If you know what I mean.

Anyway, there’s some funny stuff there.  I’m especially fond of More Royal Nicknames, which gives fitting names to some of the “leaders” in Washington.  The site is hilarious, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without a down side.

The guy who spews all of this humor appears to be a Republican.  I say this for two reasons.  First, he puts a lot of effort into making fun of Democrats.  Which is fine by me, since I think they deserve all the used food that can be piled on them.  On the other hand, I also think that Republicans aren’t any different and deserve to also spend some time at the bottom of the septic so it can dribble down them every time I flush.

I think that, of course, because I realize that Republicans and Democrats are the same damn thing.

The second reason I think this guy’s a Republican is the fact that he appears to be supporting the Fair Tax in his piece Selling the Fair Tax.  It should be blatantly obvious to all but the most die hard GOP statist that “fair tax” is an in-your-face oxymoron.

But you can’t fault the guy much.  I mean, he’s very obviously got all the gears but just hasn’t figured out how to keep the teeth meshed together.  If you catch my drift.  Most nutty people buy into the left-right, Repub-Demo b.s.

Speaking of Rush Limbaugh, I hear he’s once again pretending to be a libertarian.  What a maroon.

Anyway, if you want to read witty political satire instead of my razor-witted political paradigm destruction and if you like reading stuff written (or drawn) by people who’re looking for the left-handed switch key, then you’ll love High Political Heresay.

Note: This was a paid review from my Fiverr gig.  You too can be featured here.  All you have to do is pay me $5 to make fun of you.  It’s that simple!