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Did Obama Have Gay Love With Cheech’s Brother?

by Aaron Turpen, CannaCentral

Some photos and stories have been floating around talking about the possibility that President Obama might be gay. In fact, several people have stepped forward to claim that they’ve been Obama’s lovers in the past – most of them men. One guy even wrote a book about it.

This morning, I received an email with a photo that somehow is supposed to “prove” that Obama is gay. It shows then college-aged Obama sitting on a couch wearing horrible 80s throwbacks from the 70s next to a guy who appears to be the long lost Stubby Marin, Cheech’s brother. It’s unclear whether the cigarette in his hand is legitimate or a rollup. You’ll see that photo above.

I think the latter question is more telling. Is that a home roll? If so, is it tobacco or something more wacky?

Luckily, I was able to find Stubby Marin, who is not nearly as lost as it would appear. While avoiding the general press, he was happy to talk with me since we have a common friendship in a guy named Chase to whom we both owe a lot of money for mortgages we’ll likely never be able to pay back in our lifetimes.

Stubby agreed to speak with me off the record, so I can only hint at what was said. He danced around the question of being Obama’s gay lover, but did make it pretty clear that the home roll in the photo was in no way being inhaled and was only for “graphic effect” at the insistence of the photographer. He couldn’t remember her name, but said she took photos like this a lot and would mysteriously travel to “Quantaco” for whatever reason.

Anyway, the mystery is settled. The question of Obama’s gayness is, of course, completely irrelevant and has been a distraction issue since the beginning. What matters is that the cigarette, while it might have been marijuana, was not being used as such.