Fighting Back

Fair’s Fair

by Alan Pell Crawford, Sam Adams Alliance

Richmond, Va.–This city, like a number of American cities, is trying to figure out what, if anything, to do about the “occupiers” camped out on public property. But now Richmond’s  City Council has another issue to resolve. It has received an invoice for $10,000 from another group that used the site—Kanawha Plaza, near the James River waterfront—for its own demonstrations but had to pay rent for the privilege.

These rather more orderly protestors, from local tea party organizations, took pains to schedule their rallies in full cooperation with city rules and regulations. They conducted fundraising events to pay the required fees, which covered police protection, medical emergency staff, and port-a-potties. The occupiers have done none of that, tea partiers say, and if the anti-Wall Street crowd didn’t have to pay, they shouldn’t have to, either.

“The tea party keeps being compared to the occupiers,” says Colleen Owens, a Richmond Tea Party spokesperson. “Well, in the way we’re treated, there’s no comparison.” Tea partiers have held three rallies on the site, the last on Tax Day this past April, and the total charges for the different events, they say, come to $10,000. By the time the city received the tea partiers’ bill, the occupiers had used the park for two weeks without paying a nickel.

“I guess we’ll be writing a check to the tea party people,” Councilman Bruce Tyler says. “You can’t treat one group different from the other. It’s unfair.”

Hats off to Owens for making her group’s feelings known and to Tyler for responding. We’ll let you know how the rest of the city officials react, but you can say this for local officials, unlike their congressional counterparts: They’re accessible. Tyler, for example, can be seen almost any day of the week at the downtown Y, working out in his sweats and chatting casually with constituents. If you’ve got a complaint, he’ll hear you out.


Militant Libertarian

Site owner, philosopher, certified genius, and general pain in the establishment’s ass.


John and Dagny Galt

Hopefully hundreds of other groups will go back through their records and do the same!


I’ve heard of other cities trying to figure out what to do with the protesters. It’s too bad they don’t get the hint, I mean the government, they need to go home, leave, we don’t like them anymore. It’s time to start over with the Declaration of Independence. This current government has evolved to something horrid. Like back then, we need to institute a government to protect our rights to life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness. Our current government is one of the very things we instituted a government for, to protect us from a big bully that violates our rights.

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