Liberty Commentary

Why the Government is Banning Everything

by Jesse Mathewson, ZeroGov

Over the past several years the government’s actions against private growing, buying, selling, and even sex have become far more restrictive. We have seen numerous laws being passed across the United States on a state by state basis and even at a federal level calling for further controls and more restrictions against private individuals. In Utah, there are restrictions against the usage of rainwater. In Louisiana, a law was passed banning cash being used in second hand goods transactions. Other states are passing legislation or enacting laws banning home grown gardens, holding more than three days of food in reserve, and in one recent case federal agents demanded lists of buyers of long shelf life foods from a Mormon dispensary. The article linked was removed. Lastly, the most recent case of banning laws that are meant for your protection from the state is Senate Bill 1867. Stewart Rhodes discusses that here.

People I have spoken to regarding these actions tend to answer one of two ways; the first set will almost invariably make excuses for the state’s actions and unequivocally say that it is necessary for our protection. The second set answers with a far more reasonable response. What the hell? There is no logical reason for these actions occurring, and yet people continue to use “national security, safety, and protection” as justification, though they are never able to show where any of these ridiculous laws have actually made us more secure or protected. The true reason for these actions is control. What the state cannot control it cannot tax, it cannot shape and most importantly it cannot stop. By restricting your ability to grow food, save food, and prepare for possible natural or manmade disasters, you, the drones of the state, MUST rely fully on the benevolence of the federal or state governments. What is the solution to this problem? WATCH what you say in public. No one else NEEDS to know you do anything to benefit your family. If you use social networking sites, email, texting or voice calls, NEVER talk about these things. Stop taking pictures of yourself and your “stash”. It’s foolish at best to assume you have any rights. Change your habits, be friendly to neighbors and coworkers, but stop telling them all your wonderful preparations. Think, prepare, and above all, stop giving the insatiable beast that is government more reason to believe you may be a threat.

In liberty and without promoting the initiation of violence, I leave you all with this last thing to consider…how well do you really know those around you now?