25% Of Marines Would Shoot Americans. 100% Of Oath Keepers Would Shoot Them Back

Posted: December 26th, 2011 by Gadget42


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  1. GoneWithTheWind says:

    So let me get this straight: 25% of marines would shoot Americans and 100% of oath keepers would shoot Americans. Is that what you said???

    • Regardless of uniform, the bureaucrats/enforcers/mercenaries who facilitate GUNvernment kidnapping/hostage-holding/torture/murder/genocide under color of some supposed law/edict/decree…engage in said-same of their own free-will and FULLY deserve to be rejected/repelled/destroyed/eliminated.

      Is that plain enough?

    • Furthermore, consider carefully how all German people, NOT just those specifically targeted at that moment by the Nazis, should have responded to the murderers-in-and-out-of-uniforms…hmmm…

      Feel free to substitute other nationalities with respect to the above…and the below…Philipino/Iraqi/Afghani/Korean/etc.

      Does NOT matter one bit which clothes they wear or which geographical region of the planet the invaders/occupiers/murderers come from:



  2. Help us fight the Stasi no matter WHO they are, WHERE they are, or by WHAT identifiers they use!

    Reject and condemn sexism
    Reject and condemn racism
    Reject and condemn religionism
    Reject and condemn nationalism


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