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Tesla Confirms Model S Price Tags – No, You Can’t Afford One

by Aaron Turpen, EVMeme

Remember how Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk said that the company was looking forward from the uber-expensive, electrified Lotus that is the Roadster towards a future with a more affordable, family-style sedan?  This was to answer critics of the company’s low volume and high price tag on said Roadster as to the company’s true future.  It was also fed to the public as a reason the federal government should invest low interest loans in the company.

Well, Tesla Motors has now released final pricing for the upcoming Model S family car.  It’s base price?  “About half the Roadster” if you’re looking for a positive spin.  “$57,400? if you’re looking for reality.

Remember: that’s base price, not actual price.  Nobody ever spends base price anymore.  It usually gets you the lowest of the line with zero frills and only one key.  You pay extra for family keysets and a radio.  It’s how auto salesmen make their money.  Don’t forget the all-important undercoat spray either.

So the $57,400 price tag gets you a 160-mile (claimed) range in the Model S.  The Performance model with all the frills will be $79,900 and the realistic models fall in-between that at $59,900 and $69,900, depending on how big you want your batteries.

I’m sure there will be a soupy Brabus version eventually, probably for a cool $100k.  You know, in case you need some iPod docks and you want the motor painted a different color. Oh wait.. the “Signature Performance” is just about that price.

So over-paid CEOs, “green cred” sports figures and movie stars, and others with plenty of money to throw around: the Model S will be here in 2013, complete with government subsidy (er.. tax incentive).

The rest of us still don’t have access to an affordable, realistically usable electric car.