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2011: The Year The People Became the Enemy

by Aaron Dykes

What is “mainstream” media? What is “news”? Who is part of it? And who controls the message, not to mention the masses?

It is no secret that newspaper readership is dying off and TV’s increasingly fractured channel-driven network news outlets are losing viewers to the Internet, handheld gizmos and the social networking phenomenon that has become modern day mainstream reality.

With millions of radio listeners each day, two websites leading alternative media readership and web traffic statistics, a new TV-format video platformdocumentaries that get tens of millions of views and a You Tube account alone that has reached over 164 million total views, Alex Jones and his network of media platforms and dedicated activist-listeners have made a mission out of reclaiming the voice of the people, redefining “mainstream” and interjecting truth to counter the lies of media “officialdom,” fraught with all its lies, omissions and hidden agendas.

In one way or another, Infowars and other alternative media outlets have become important mainstream sources of news & information. While attacked on cable channels and in establishment rags, much of what Alex Jones and his conspiracy ilk have warned so loudly about has unfortunately come to pass with stunning accuracy.

So much of what “officials” and establishment hacks have claimed isn’t true or couldn’t happen has pushed its way into the mainstream consciousness, where a larger debate is possible, even when the powers that be would have it suppressed and silenced. Here’s just a few of the biggest stories and videos we covered in 2011, all of which had a major effect on the global scene…

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